Motorbike Insurance Comparison-What Should Your Motorbike Insurance Cover?

Motorbike Insurance

Motorbike users have grown around the globe as some find it easier to navigate the chaotic roads in them, from doing deliveries to running other errands. With increased usage, it’s safe to say that motorbikes are prone to accidents leading to damage of your favorite wheeler to causing injuries to other road users. In 2020, 50 accidents were caused by motorbikes in Singapore alone, as recorded by Statica. In such instances, having a motorbike insurance cover is the best option when it comes to securing the future of your bike and the health of the victims in case of an accident. You can learn about the vehicle insurance options you have, on this website:

A motorbike insurance cover is primarily meant to protect property and body damage. However, there are coverages that you may choose to add, like the collusion and the comprehensive coverage. You may also decide if you want to have your belongings covered. The value of your wheeler also determines the cover that you’d go for.

Before going for a cover, it’s impressive that you make a motorbike insurance comparison. Most people fear that the covers are not worthwhile or that they are too expensive to acquire. The motorbike insurance comparison below will help you decide on where and cover to opt for, especially for those in Singapore.

1. Direct Asia Insurance

The premium offered to the motorbike owners is outstanding indirect Asia insurance. Unlike other companies that give 20% NCD, here you get 30% which is usually the maximum. The cover here includes damage of the motorcycle going by the market value, third-party compensation weather injury or death, towing services, and being assisted in case of an emergency. This makes it one of the best in Singapore.

2. FWD Insurance

It’s one of the most affordable going by our motorbike insurance comparison since it has low premiums. The benefits are, however, quite massive, like having liability for injury or death of a third party, compensation of property as per the market value, 24-hour road coverage, and being offered towing services.

3. Markel

What makes Markel stand out is that all motorbikes can be insured here, the type and value notwithstanding. The NCD here goes all the way to 35%, depending on the package. You also have access to discounts which include the anti-theft alarms and anti-lock brakes. It even gets better because liability covered includes the third party, from property damages to body injuries or even death. Besides, There’s 24 road aid and funeral expenses.

4. NTUC Income

NTUC Income is good for youth below the age of thirty. It’s cheaper compared to other insurance as it requires only 50% of what other companies need. Moreover, it entails the Orange Force, which means as a rider, you have an emergency response team any time of the day. Liability is also covered, including the third party, and you are compensated for damage or loss of your ride as per the market value.

5. Etiqa

One of the phenomenal insurance providers as per the motorbike insurance comparison. For Etiqa, you are allowed to choose a premium that’s in line with your budget as a biker. This means that as a rider, you are highly secured because the insurance is customized to your desire. Moreover, the security plans by Etiqa can be accessed online, which makes the company stand out even more. The benefits of opting for them include legal costs being covered, covering the third party both with death and injury, towing services being offered, and protecting your motorcycle from theft.

6. Farmers Insurance

Premiums here include life premiums, plus home and motorcycle insurance. With Farmers Insurance, security entails being reimbursed, having a medical cover, home repair, and replacing equipment. Also, it comes with more benefits like road assistance, liability cover for the third party, safety apparel, and collision coverage.

Going by the motorbike insurance comparison above, you find that going for a motorbike cover makes you feel safer on the road as a rider as you have a companion on all your journeys. Besides, you get to understand that there are options for every rider, like the Etiqa, which allows you to choose a premium that’s within your budget. In case of any misfortune, get yourself a fallback plan that will help you get on the road again.

Learn more about different types of vehicle insurance companies that can be considered if you have bought a new vehicle, on this website:

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