Mistakes to Steer Clear of While Choosing a Car Accident Attorney

Car Accident Attorney
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News that COVID-19 is spreading like wildfire across the globe has compelled most people to go on the panic mode but there are several other serious threats that should be dealt with. We know that distracted driving, for instance, had claimed 2,841 lives in the U.S.A. in 2018. As per the findings of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, among the dead were 1,730 drivers, 400 pedestrians, 605 passengers, and even 77 cyclists.

As per, distracted driving could prove to be dangerous, and texting while driving is supposed to be an alarming cause of distraction. Reading or sending a text message could keep you distracted for 5 seconds and accidents could occur when you take your eyes off the traffic on the road.

Mistake: Choosing an Inexperienced Car Accident Lawyer

You must avoid making the mistake of hiring a lawyer who doesn’t have a relevant or reasonable trial experience. The most critical factors while identifying the best car accident lawyer are his skill, knowledge, expertise, and above all, experience taking injury cases effectively to trial and efficiently handling injury cases. The lawyer you choose must have wide experience in handling personal injury trial cases. Your best choice should be a board-certified experienced trial lawyer. Remember to hire an expert Car Accident Attorney who has the perfect exposure and enough experience to win your case and help you get your compensation as per your claim.

Mistake: Allowing Impressive Advertising to Influence Your Choice of a Lawyer

Do not choose a lawyer simply because you are happy with his advertising. An enticing Yellow Page ad or a stunning TV commercial should never be the deciding or determining factor while choosing the best car accident lawyer. These ads must be taken in their right spirit. Remember that the lawyer concerned has paid for the advertisement. You should not be swayed by clever advertising. Often advertisements make inexperienced and incompetent lawyers seem like an experienced lawyer and an expert in the line. Never decide to hire an attorney simply because you are impressed with his advertisement. Always ask questions and hire an attorney only when you are convinced about his consistent and flawless track record and extensive experience in tackling injury claims.

Mistake: Not Evaluating the Track Record of the Attorney

You could be successful in getting a correct idea of an attorney’s experience and expertise by meticulously evaluating his track record. Examine the cases that have been taken to trial or settled by him. Ask your lawyer precisely how many cases have been settled by him for more than $1,000,000, or how many cases were actually settled between 500,000 USD and 1,000,000 USD and so forth. This way, you could accurately determine the attorney’s level of experience and efficiency.


You could be committing a few more common mistakes while choosing the best car accident lawyer. Be careful while choosing an attorney solely based on a good friend’s recommendation. You would require the services of a competent lawyer and you simply cannot choose your friend’s referral just because he happens to be a nice person. Be more careful and serious in your approach while making the final choice of a car accident lawyer. Instead of being swayed by seeing his plush office and costly car, you must choose a car accident lawyer by assessing his expertise, exposure, and experience.

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