Matthew Davies Shares Ways to Prepare for the SATs

Matthew Davies Shares Ways to Prepare for the SATs 1
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Getting into your favorite college is stressful enough. Cracking the SAT, on the other hand, is a whole new degree of added worries. Fortunately, you have this list prepared by Matthew Davies to guide you through your journey. Let’s begin!

The Preperation

  1. Mental Math- Math is a challenging subject for most students, so let’s start with this one. You won’t be allowed to use a calculator during the examination, making mental math all the more critical.

Begin with the simple stuff and refrain from using a calculator at home as well. Try to do as much of the calculations in your mind as you can. There are some simple shortcuts on the internet that lets you do complicated calculations in a matter of seconds. Learn those and practice your sums using such techniques.

  1. Read Non-Fiction- There is a lot of reading involved in the SATs. The questions are simple enough, but you have to read a lot of dense passages in order to find the answer.

To simultaneously read and understand complicatedly dense passages, you must get into the habit of reading such stuff. Most passages take to form a story, so you are unlikely to understand the entire meaning of the extract and make do with the information you are presented. If you want to develop reading such mundane stuff, newspapers are an excellent place to start. You can shift to magazines if the paper is too boring.

Reading skill takes time to develop, so you should begin now rather than waiting for the last week or so.

  1. Practice your Grammar- Practicing grammar may seem tedious, but it’s the easiest of the lot. Although most of the paper contains big picture essay type questions, there will be a few compulsory sections that you’ll have to attend.
  2. Practice Mixed Practice Tests and SAT Prep Materials- SATs usually consists of three sections. They are Reading and Writing, Math, and Language.

If you want to crack the paper in time, you’ll have to start taking similar practice tests. Instead Of doubling down on math, try practicing all subjects around the clock—for instance, 35 minutes for each. Not only do you get to cover more ground this way, but it’s an optimal revision method used by most successful students. Also, while practicing, always use verified SAT prep materials as they give you an idea of what kind of question you can expect in the test.

  1. Find a Partner- One of the best ways you can help yourself is to find a partner or a friend who is also taking the test. A friendly challenge is a great way to boost each other’s morale and help yourselves prepare for the exams.

You can share strategies and tips and help each other prepare for the finals. It’s far more effective than studying alone as you can compare notes, finding new and more efficient ways to solve any given problem.


The rest is up to you, but hopefully, this list of tips and tricks prepared by Matthew Davies will help you manage your studies and ace those exams with ease.

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