Mastering TikTok Campaigns – Hot Tips for Brand Marketers

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Being one of the fastest-growing social media platforms, businesses are taking to TikTok in a big way. Not only do they get the chance to engage the Gen Z target audience that comprises a majority of its users but also benefit from the highest rate of engagement of all social media. According to Forbes, marketers should definitely use TikTok if they are targeting younger demographics. However, since TikTok has not been around for a long time, most marketers are not familiar with how to go about creating brand awareness and engaging with users. Some high-power TikTok marketing tips for maximizing the ROI of your marketing campaigns:

Make Use of Appropriate Hashtags

Like most other social media platforms, TikTok too relies on hashtags to enable content discovery. By making appropriate use of hashtags, brands can not only increase the reach of their content but also get more followers and identify their competitors. The trick is to avoid using hashtags that are too popular to prevent your content from getting lost in the flood of posts. It is better to try to compete for visibility in the less popular categories.   

Another effective way to make your marketing campaigns click is to watch out for trending hashtags and use them in the videos you post. Also, you can create your videos that are related to the trending videos; however, you need to incorporate your unique spin on them and not just imitate them. It is important to recognize trends quickly because they can change very quickly.

Use Influencers to Drive Reach and Engagement 

You can consider engaging influencers to drive brand awareness and increase the number of your followers quickly. However, the trick for getting the maximum bang for the buck is to make sure that the influencer you choose has a good fit with your brand image and has real TikTok followers. It pays to research to identify influencers that resonate well with the young audience as TikTok users are inspired by more people they can relate with than conventional celebrities.

Post Frequently 

Unlike other social media platforms that require marketers to exercise care about their posting frequency, TikTok users love people and brands that post a lot. Gen Z users can consume a lot of content and engage better with you if you post frequently. You will also be able to increase your follower count rapidly.

Encourage Conversations

Very much like other social media, TikTok also supports posts with greater engagement by way of likes and comments. The platform ranks comments by the number of likes it manages to get. When you post your videos, you should also try to strike up a conversation with your followers. For the best impact, your comments should be meaningful and genuine, not bland and generic.


TikTok has found favor with Gen Z because typically, the content does not try to advertise products and services but instead focuses on having fun with entertaining short-format videos. Rather than making overt marketing moves, brands will find it more effective to blend in marketing content subtly.

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