Managing in a Pandemic: How to Motivate Your Sales Team

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While it’s true that everyone is “in this together,” there is an opposite but equal truth to consider: the pandemic is different for everyone. COVID-19 has exposed underlying, mostly hidden differences in socioeconomics, home life, mental health, and ability to adapt to new circumstances. With those differences exposed and heightened, it takes a shrewd manager to unify a team and keep everyone working toward a singular goal.

While one salesperson might thrive in an at-home setting, freed from the distractions of an office, another might find it uniquely challenging, perhaps having to work around small kids or under the intense stress of “COVID anxiety.”As a manager, your job is to note those differences and be proactive about empowering each member to do their best possible work.

But managers are humans too. Sometimes they make mistakes, fail to adapt quickly, or lack motivation themselves. Here are a few tips that can motivate you to motivate your team through this unprecedented time.

Give Reps the Tools They Need to Succeed at Home

Reps working from home, without the on-hand resources available in an office, may feel detached from the process. What lead should they call next? How should they write their follow-up email? What do they do if they get cold call anxiety?

To ensure that your team is working the best possible leads and are working leads thoroughly, equip them with a sales engagement platform. A sales engagement platform improves productivity by automating the process, and its queue-based lead routing automatically picks the next best lead, allowing reps to focus their time and energy.

For every facet of your sales cadence – from your email strategy to your voicemail playbook and every touch point in between –a sales engagement platform can help provide structure, encourage productivity, and increase motivation.

Stay Unified

The right tools are only one part of keeping a sales team motivated. You also need to keep the team culturally unified. If team members feel like they are working toward a goal greater than themselves and are striving on behalf of a team, they are more likely to remain motivated. Here are a few ways to promote unification in your sales team:

  • Celebrate successes.
  • Encourage daily communication, not only between management and reps but among reps.
  • Foster a supportive atmosphere where group success is more important than individual success.
  • Encourage mentorship between senior and junior reps.
  • Ensure that every team member understands the current messaging and sales process.

Especially when your team is divided physically, it’s more important than ever to foster togetherness.


Finally, it’s essential to outline “SMART” goals for your team: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-based goals. The clearer you are upfront, the better positioned your sales reps will be to achieve their goals. It was an important system pre-pandemic and has taken on additional significance now.

To be motivated, a sales rep has to a) want to succeed, and b) feel like they can succeed. By encouraging team unification, setting clear goals, and equipping reps with the proper tools, you can target both of those motivational factors.

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