Make Your Wedding One-Of-A-Kind With These Latest Video Making Hacks

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One of the most significant occurrences in a person’s life is his or her wedding. Most people like to keep revisiting their wedding day in their memories.

An easy way of reliving such memories is by watching their wedding video. That is why asking someone to film a wedding is bestowing a massive responsibility for them.

While it is essential to find someone you can trust, you must be cautious and not give complete control to the videographer. After all, it is your once-in-a-lifetime event, and you would not want any compromises. To ensure that your wedding video is made to your taste, here are some hacks that you would want to consider

Avoid being Choreographed by the Videographer

Videographers are used to directing shoots wherein they tell the subjects where to look, how to pose, and other details so that superior quality videos are produced.

You and your videographer need to realize that this is not just any other photoshoot. While getting good videos is essential, that should not dictate the wedding.

Encourage your photographer to move freely around the venue and capture candid shots. While it is okay to twirl in your dress or pose once in a while, don’t let posing be the primary purpose of the day.

Try to go with the flow of the events and guide your videographer to be on their toes and capture things as they happen.

Make Sure that your Videographer Knows Your Wedding Story

Every wedding is a beautiful story, and for a person to capture your wedding well, they must be aware of your story. When you think of your wedding video, you surely have a story about how it progresses.

From the rituals or events you want the video to focus on to the people who you want covered, your videographers must be shared these details well in advance.

Another advantage of scheduling a meeting with the videographer before the actual shoot is to seek professional advice on your ideal wedding video. You will be amazed to see how experienced hindsight can improve your dream video’s quality to something you could not even fathom.

Come up with a Wedding Hashtag

While you will employ professional videographers to click the best wedding shots, you will be amazed to see that some of the best photos and videos come from your guests.

It is a good idea to come up with a unique hashtag for the wedding to ensure that you have such photos and videos while doing the final edits on your wedding video.

That way, it is much easier for you to find all the videos, boomerangs, and photos of your wedding day on your social media page. Moreover, having a unique hashtag gives an identity to your wedding, which is a bonus.

Use Multiple Coverages

Ideally, the wedding videographer should be a team of two or more people so that simultaneous shots of the bride and the groom can be achieved.

One of the essential things for getting a good wedding video is to have as many shots of the ceremony as possible. From the use of drones to GoPro devices, there is a lot of room for experimentation.

It is only when your videographer has multiple footages that you get the luxury of choosing the final video to your taste while editing. Also, make sure that audio is recorded for the entire ceremony. The wedding vows are unique for every couple, and this is something that you will want to hear repeatedly.

An Inclusive Approach to Videography

Unlike most other video editing projects, a wedding does not have a single subject. While the bride and the groom are the most influential people in the room, the wedding memories that you make as a couple are incomplete without your friends and family.

Direct your videographer to get ample recordings of your esteemed guests as well.

Don’t Be Afraid to Take a Risk

If there is an idea that you feel would suit your wedding video, do not hesitate to go for it. Just because a bride does not usually wear a pair of sneakers with her wedding attire does mean you should not.

A little introspection on the most popular wedding videos will reveal that in all such cases, the bride and the groom went out of the conventional path to portray their real selves in the wedding videos.

Take Care of Lighting

Any video comes out best when shot in natural light. Try to schedule your ceremony in the sun. This will give your videographer the luxury of recording you and your partner against a beautiful golden backlight and provide a dreamy appeal to your wedding video.

In case it is not feasible to arrange an outdoor event with ample sunlight, make sure that you arrange for adequate artificial lighting. An experienced videographer will be able to make do with that and create a magical lens flare even in such a setup.

Edit Till You are Satisfied

The editing of your wedding video can be done by yourself, or you can have your videographer do it for you. By doing it yourself, you will have complete control and can get the unique video that you had always wanted. A little research on the internet will help you find a free promo video maker that caters to your taste.

Alternatively, if you hire professionals for the editing, insist that they use a free no watermark video editor. You would not want your wedding video to be tarnished with some random watermark all over the screen.

Keep it short

With hundreds of cute images and videos of your wedding available at your fingertips, you might be tempted to keep them all in the main video. But beware!

Nobody has the time to watch an hour-long video, and (no matter how cute the pics are) after a point, it does get monotonous. Work on the edits till the video comes down to that of a few minutes. This will ensure that people watch the video until the end and are entertained throughout.

With these video editing tips, you will be able to make your wedding video stand out. The video will be a pleasure to watch, but it will also be a treasure house of a lifetime of memories.

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