Make The Switch To A Conditioner That Works


Have you noticed your hair is falling out more than usual? Are your ends getting dried out more than usual? Those frizzy hair days getting the best of you? Well, these are all signs that you need to make the switch to a conditioner that actually works.

Why Should You Make The Switch?

You need a conditioner that helps nourish your hair instead of leaving them silky with their waxy properties. Most conditioners these days will just form a layer on your hair to leave it momentarily shiny and smooth. Not even a day later, you will find your hair frizzy and limp all over again.

Well, with Prose Conditioner, you will never have to worry about that again. This nourishing moisturizer will meet all of your hair goals and rejuvenate your hair strands without pulling them down. Read on ahead to find out about all the reasons why you should make the switch!

Premium Moisture Retention

A good conditioner will provide your hair with maximum moisture retention. It will lock up the hydration in your strands and seal it in, leaving your hair bouncy and soft for days on end. It’s super hydrating and balances out the natural oils in your scalp even after heated styling.

The conditioner permeates into the hair follicles, hydrating every dry stand perfectly and locking up the hydration. The emollients and humectants present in the conditioner will leave your hair looking smooth and shiny.

The Perfect Consistency

Thick and creamy conditioners are usually the way to go for most hair types, but they generally end up weighing down the hair. The article’s perfect consistency depends on how well the product absorbs into your hair strands and penetrates into the hair shaft.

The ability of the conditioner to perfectly absorb and protect the hair strand is what matters the most. We recommend using water based conditioner to make sure it penetrates into the hair shaft entirely and gives you luscious and smooth locks.

Organic and Natural Ingredients

All natural and organic ingredients are the way to go when selecting the right conditioner. Make sure that the list is free from GMOs, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, and alcohol-free. Try to look for ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and oil extracts to deeply nourish your hair.

Stripping ingredients like sulfates and alcohol must be avoided at all costs as they wear down your hair’s strands and makes them dull and lifeless with time. Investing in good hair care comes with knowing what ingredients are suitable for your hair.

Leaves Your Hair Soft And Nourished

Another way to test if your hair conditioner works alright is by testing how your hair feels after using it. If your hair feels like it’s being weighed down, then that indicates that the conditioner may be too heavy for your hair. Instead, you should opt for lighter textures that will help to nourish and lift up your hair.

Similarly, suppose you feel that your hair is left feeling undernourished after conditioning treatment. In that case, it’s best to opt for thick and creamier conditioners that will moisturize your hair to its fullest potential. Ingredients like avocado extract, castor oil, and vitamin E help ensure healthy and bouncy hair soft to the touch.


So, if you’re still contemplating making that conditioner switch, this is your sign to do it! A good conditioner is the best investment you can make for your hair to protect it and keep it healthy for a long time. We hope that our guide helped you find out what your hair care is missing, and now you can get yourself a conditioner that your hair loves!

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