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Looking for a Comfortable Living in Bhubaneswar?

Looking for a Comfortable Living in Bhubaneswar? 1

Looking for Flats on rent in Bhubaneswar?

Travelling has been my passion and whenever I get the opportunity I travel to cities and places and witness the culture all by myself without any hesitance. Not only traveling but sharing the experience of travel and all of it is another way of cherishing the memories. One of such travel that is so close to my heart is that of Bhubaneswar. But this time it was not just travel but an important decision of staying life-long here in Bhubaneswar. Although I belong to Bangalore and am married and settled there, my husband is the one who usually travels to cities for work and stays away for months and even years.

Around two years ago my husband was transferred to Bhubaneswar and he had to leave us and everything in Bangalore. While we maintained our relationship over the phone, I have heard quite often from him that this city is catching up well with Bangalore. He used to often tell me that I should too come and settle in Bhubaneswar with him. Initially, I kept ignoring the ideas as I have never imagined getting out of Bangalore. But soon situations kept turning out in a way that finally I made this decision of coming to Bhubaneswar permanently to live with my husband. Of-course he was more than happy hearing the news. I shifted to this city just a couple of months ago and already started falling for this city.

Bhubaneswar, the capital city of Orissa, is developing at a large pace and soon it’s already a lively commercial hub. The city has transformed itself in all the modern ways while retaining the rich cultural heritage. The religious history, the natural beauties of the sea, beaches, parks, zoos, gardens, etc. have all contributed to the tourism aspect. Having the fastest employment growth, Bhubaneswar has become the Tier-II city and therefore attracts job seekers from all across the country. Besides the growth of the IT sector, there has been considerable growth in the real estate sector as well. Reputed real estate companies have been targeting this city for decades and now that the result is quite evident.

As I came here and started living with my husband, I came to know about all his struggle and effort that went into finding the perfect home. Earlier when my husband was about to shift here, he had planned to get a house rent in Bhubaneswar. As he would stay here alone, he wanted to take a rented house. But soon after he shifted, he fell in love with the city and had discussed with me that he wanted to buy a personal property here. So, we went ahead with his decision and after searching all the flats in Bhubaneswar, he finally bought one and we are a proud owner of this beautiful home where we live now. Now that I am here, I get to hear about his journey of buying this flat in Bhubaneswar.

When he first arrived in this city, he knew no one and it was entirely an unknown city to be discovered. Naturally, he had no one to suggest to him where to stay and how to arrange for proper flats in Bhubaneswar. He had to go through a lot of harassment all by himself in finding a place to live. He took the advice of his colleagues and local people who could provide him with useful information, but nothing seemed to work out in the beginning. Later one day, while he was surfing the internet, by coincidence he came across a website that immediately caught his attention and it was none other than According to him, this is the most useful website with authentic information and guidance.

Why website?

If you surf through the website you will know that it provides you with an endless list of real estate projects as per your preference. Not only preferable flats in Bhubaneswar, but it also provides options for house rent in Bhubaneswar. Some of the attractive facts about the website are the following:

  • Availability of adequate updated options of properties from you can choose your desired one.
  • Availability of exact locations and landmarks for you to locate the property exactly. This way it helps you know the areas around and how convenient will it be if you take it.
  • It provides information such as whether furnished or semi-furnished or non-furnished. Accordingly, you can arrange for your belongings.
  • It gives accurate information on the offered square-foot of the area or built-up area.
  • The website gives the exact figure of the property price. There is no hidden cost or charges attached to the offer.
  • You will get detailed information on the developer or the real estate agent.
  • The website provides a graphical representation of various data such as property distribution, pricing by BHK, etc. for your ease of understanding how feasible it is to buy the property.
  • Availability of filters that help you in narrowing down with your preferences and choices of properties.
  • You can select the property by giving filters such as BHK type, pricing, Property status whether new projects or resale projects, property type whether apartment, independent floor, independent house, plot, studio, penthouse, duplex, or villa.
  • It allows you to choose from possession options, such as ready to move one or under-construction one.
  • You can know whether the property is listed by an agent, developer or owner.
  • The website provides detailed information on the available amenities in and around the complex.
  • You can choose from the options of several bathrooms you prefer on your property.
  • Availability of information on the age of the property.

Another unique aspect of the website is that it also provides you information on whether the property is RERA compliant or not. This is a huge factor that determines the trustworthiness of a property.

Now that I know so much about the website from my husband and also researching it myself, I would like to recommend it to all my friends and relatives without any hesitance because I want the best thing for them.

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