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Let’s paint the bedroom pink with these phenomenal décor ideas!

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Pink is prodigious! It has the capacity to bring life to any kind of room. It is illustrious, sweet, graceful, sophisticated and stunning. But before you decide to include pink in your bedroom, remember to break the stereotype that this shade is only limited to female bedrooms or is a princess Barbie type of tone. No matter what kind of room you have, pink has the capability to make it look extraordinary and unparalleled through its unique charm and awesomeness. But the thumb rule is to incorporate it accurately and stylishly in your décor.

Some fabulous ways to design a pink bedroom!

Now that you have finally decided to give pink a try, be ready to call the best house painters of Auckland like Total Paint and start painting the walls with the right shades of pink. They are the most experienced bunch of experts in the field and can play magic with brushes, various paint techniques, and alluring paint shades. So, are you ready to embrace pink in your home?

o The warm and saturated pink bedroom— The warm pink shade — the one that resembles the pale peach — looks absolutely lovely with saturated pink in any bedroom. It will provide the naturally sweet glow to your bedroom no matter if your décor theme is sombre and sophisticated or quirky and contemporary. Don’t forget to add a wood toned floor rug and similar furnishings to imbibe the grace it deserves.

o Pink and green — The two subtle colours which are exactly opposite to one another, but look fascinating when blended together. Just pick the softer shades of both of these rather than opting for the brighter tones and include a peacemaker – white/ivory/cream shade — in between. With your accent wall coloured in green and the rest in soft and light pink (and bed-linen to match – pale pink with soft green prints maybe), it creates a dreamy bedroom. Include the peacemaker colour in the ceiling, lamps, and drapes – now just stand back and admire the charisma.

o High contrast pink — Do you love opposites just as magnets do? Well, get the highly contrasting shades and paint your bedroom. Like, a light, pale pink with a dark and royal aubergine creates a powerful impact in your bedroom and makes your room look classy and dramatic. Again, some sparks of white here gives the room a toned-down finishing touch perfectly. Wooden furniture and white soft bed-linen, plush aubergine rugs and glittery crystal chandelier – and you are ready for your sweet dreams.

o The different shades of pink — Don’t love to mingle your pink with other hues? Then let pink play the protagonist. But remember to pick various shades of it in the same room – here you have to play up the tone on tone concept and rely on textures to create visual interest.

These styles look classy in any kind of bedroom. Just a pro tip – add layers of luxurious textiles complementing the shade to make it more glamorous. Now you have a dreamy pink bedroom which is soothing yet stunningly sexy.

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