Just Why Is Breakfast Such An Important Meal?


All doctors, nutritionists and health experts will say the same thing: That breakfast is the most important meal of the day. There are some very good reasons for this and that is what we are going to be taking a look at in this article. Let’s discover more about breakfast and just why it’s so vital to start the day with this essential meal.

By the Time You Eat Breakfast, You Won’t Have Eaten Anything for Some Time

The time of the day people eat breakfast really depends on their habits and lifestyle. For a shift worker, breakfast may not even take place until sometime in the afternoon, after they’ve had some sleep. At the very least, by the time you do eat breakfast, even if you’re in the habit of snacking right before you go to bed, chances are you won’t have eaten or drank anything for seven or eight hours or more. This means your body has been fasting during this period, hence the word “breakfast”.

Breakfast breaks that fast by providing your body with sustenance in the form of food and liquid, regardless of what it is you like to have for breakfast. Some people enjoy a hearty meal at the start of the day while others prefer something lighter such as toast, coffee and some fruit juice.

Even if you don’t have the most balanced breakfast, it’s still better to eat something rather than nothing, or just surviving until lunchtime on coffee alone.

Eating Breakfast Can Help You Maintain Your Ideal Weight

People who are struggling to lose a few kilos will often skip breakfast, believing it will help them to lose weight. While it sounds good in theory, in many instances, this approach ends up being counter-productive to their weight loss goals.

For one, if a person continually skips breakfast, this could lead to the metabolism slowing down, making it harder and slower to burn calories. A second thing that can occur is sending the body into starvation mode. This means the body ends up storing fat reserves, believing it’s going to get “starved” again and again on a regular basis.

If you want to lose weight, you have more chance of achieving that goal if you do eat some form of breakfast.

Your Brain Functions Better When You Eat

Just as your body needs sustenance to function at its optimum level, so does your brain. Things like your blood sugar levels, essential oils and other things directly impact brain and neurological function. Your brain can actually begin to suffer before your body does when you haven’t eaten anything for some time. Your mood will also be affected.

When you eat breakfast and some time has passed for those nutrients to be broken down and absorbed, your mind will come to life. You’ll feel sharper and have an increased ability to be able to concentrate and maintain a focus on your daily tasks.

Skipping Breakfast Means Skipping Vital Nutrients and Vitamins and Minerals

Even the simplest breakfast will supply your body with some fuel for energy and some nutrients and vitamins. A well-balanced breakfast will give you everything you need to start the day right. If you skip breakfast altogether, you’re depriving your body of that fuel and those nutrients it requires to actually function. Doing so is rarely going to be a good idea.

Break the Fast By Eating Out for Breakfast

If you’re feeling bored with eating breakfast at home every day, then mix things up a little and treat yourself to breakfast out occasionally. You could have something light to eat at a cafe with your morning coffee, for example. So many cafes and other eateries serve a variety of breakfasts for you to choose from.

To find somewhere nearby, you could search on the internet for your general area:

That’s using Sydney’s Western Suburbs as an example. Just substitute with your own location and you’re bound to find some tantalising and affordable options.

Don’t be tempted to skip the most important meal of the day for any reason. Always strive to eat a decent breakfast and start the day off right.

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