Just as the world is always changing, so is music

Music Festivals

It seems that with every new decade, music has evolved in a new way as well. And just as music changes, so does the way we buy it and listen to it.

The music world has come an extremely long way in terms of its evolution and it is quite remarkable how quickly music transitioned from being sold at vinyl stores to being sold on streaming services and then back to vinyl stores again!

Technology has been a huge influence on the evolution of music. It used to boom from jukeboxes and record players and now is on-demand on our cell phones and computers!

To truly understand the evolution of music, we are going to go back in time and look at how music has transformed throughout the years.

  1. Music Festivals

Back in the day, one of the only ways to truly experience artists were at massive music festivals like Woodstock. Nearly half a million people would flock to stadium grounds to have the chance to listen to their favorite artists’ live. But music festivals are still here today! In fact, they are all over the world and pay homage to so many different types of genres! No matter the technology that arises, people will always love to listen to their favorite music live!

  1. New musical eras

Each decade seems to have a different musical genre at the top. In the 60s it was the rock and roll of the Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin. In the 70s it was the end of the Beatles, the end of Elvis Presley, and the beginning of a whole new type of music of disco!  Fast forward to today and rap music takes the number one spot, with female musicians now dominating. What will the next decade bring and what legends will we lose?

  1. New sounds being produced

Just as new artists emerge, so do new sounds that make their music unique. For example, Bob Marley gave reggae that unique rhythm and blues sound, Garth Brooks gave Country that classic twang sound, and Cardi B now gives rap music an upbeat aggressive tone that oozes self-confidence. It is these sounds that allow new artists to be creative and find a sound that will also make them unique too!

  1. The birth of hip hop and rap

Back in the 1970s and ’80s, rap and hip hop music was being born in the Bronx of New York. Over the decades that genre itself has seen some massive changes, with the beatboxing techniques, lyrics, and personalities rapidly evolving. Hip Hop has gone from the rated PG Wil Smith beats to the rated X raunchy lyrics that are too naughty to even type! The next phase of this genre keeps everyone on their toes!

  1. Musical players keep changing

What a long way we have come on this ground. From cassette players in cars, record players for vinyl, walkmans for cd players on the go to iPods, and iPhones that store all our music for us to access at a click of a button, the ease of accessing our favorite music has only gotten easier! What will the next evolution of music players be? Or will we all retreat back to the classic record player and vinyl combo that seems to also be on the rise now?

The evolution of music has been rapid but it doesn’t stop today. Even comparing the music from 2019 to 2020, so much has changed! But the change in the music world is good, as it means that listeners will never get bored and musicians will always have the opportunity to stand out. What will the next ten years bring us to the music industry?



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