JJSPY Review: A trusted Mobile monitoring software for parents and Employers

Mobile monitoring software

Any parents out there would agree with me when I say we have minimal time to spend with our children and monitor their internet activities and the use of phones. Employers also don’t have enough time to monitor their field staff to reduce the instances of time theft and increase productivity.

Although there are several dependable ways of monitoring what your child is doing with the phone or where the employees are in real-time, I believe the use of mobile monitoring apps such as JJSPY is the ultimate way of keeping the employees productive and your children safe.

That said, I know you are now definitely in the market looking for a reliable and affordable mobile monitoring app for your children and/or employees. To help you make an informed decision, I’ve decided to review JJSPY Mobile monitoring app. This brief introduces you to all the details you want to know about JJSPY, is JJSPY genuine software, how much does it cost to get JJSPY? What are previous users saying about JJSPY? Why do you need JJSPY? How does JJSPY work? How will JJSPY help you? Who is JJSPY for? All of these questions will be answered here.

What is JJSPY, and why do we need it?

JJSPY is a prominent mobile monitoring software developed with easy installation and ease of use in mind. For most people, getting a monitoring app that works for them at an affordable price is a nightmare. If this is what you are going through, then I want to help you make a lifelong decision.

JJSPY has all the features of a good and genuine mobile tracking software. All the features they offer for iPhone and Android phones are those that we all require to know the location, who your children are talking to, what is the content of their communication and, most importantly, block some bad websites and apps remotely.

Own use

Think of it this way, one day, you go to the bar for drinks and hand over your phone to one of the waiters for charging. Woke up the next day, totally unaware of what happened the previous day. It’s obviously normal to rush back to the bar with all sorts of questions, but if you don’t have software to detect where the phone is, you will definitely lose it.


Your children are the most valuable things you have, and for that reason, you ought to go far and beyond to protect them from the evils that come with the internet and social media. According to statistics, a significant number of children have reported cases of bullying and sexual harassment. To reduce the occurrence of such situations, always have software that will tell you where the child is in real-time and what they’re doing with their smartphones.

For Employers

Your business’s success is dependent on the current efforts of your employees. Now imagine you are in a delivery business with most of your staff on the ground, and you cannot supervise all of them at once. The best thing to do is to choose JJSPY for all your employee tracking needs. With this app, you will have information about their current location, the SMS, camera access, call logs, employee activities, and browser history, among many other features.

Can JJSPY Mobile monitoring software help businesses?

For employers, you get access to geofencing capabilities, SMS monitoring, social app monitoring, call monitoring, access to browser history, and the current location of all your employees. JJSPY also helps individuals know where their phone is in real-time.

Why should you go to JJSPY?

JJSPY has so many features a reason why almost every person out there is rushing to get the app. First of all, I think it’s important to choose JJSPY because of its high reliability and dependability. Another reason to choose JJSPY is for its plethora of features that you will get access to. Here are some of them.

  • SMS Monitoring-This is one main importance of choosing JJSPY; you can remotely know who your child is texting and the content of those messages. For your business phones, this will ensure your employees use the phone or tablet for work-related activities only.
  • Calls Monitoring-You can monitor everything from the call log. Check the contacts and deduce the people the target person usually talks to. Additionally, it’s easy to record the calls remotely.
  • View Internet history-Children are very creative. They will access certain websites such as betting sites and those sites with sexually related content and eventually replace the page. As a parent, you can remotely access the search history and block some websites in case they pose any risk to your son/daughter.
  • Whatsapp and other social apps monitoring-There are many social apps that someone can install on their phone and use to chat and call friends. With JJSPY, you get access to WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram, and several other apps.
  • GPS location tracking-Parents and employers can know where the target person is in real-time through GPS location tracking.

Other features

  • Live camera activation
  • Live recorder activation
  • View Photos
  • Take screenshots
  • Line chats
  • Skype monitoring
  • Messenger monitoring
  • Block some apps, contents, and websites

JJSPY compatibility

JJSPY is supported by a couple of phones and their OS. As a matter of fact, this software is compatible with iOS and Android phones. When you’re installing the app, you will be required to grant permission to it. After this, you will be required to get to the monitoring panel. You should use your credentials.

All the features of JJSPY are supported in almost all types of phones. What this means is that you will get all the information about your target phone regardless of the phone that you’re using.

With the information shared above, you can be sure that JJSPY is the best app for parents and employers that want to keep an eye on what is happening remotely with their personnel or children.

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