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Is Buying a Property will be the Best Investment that You Can Make in Noida?

Is Buying a Property will be the Best Investment that You Can Make in Noida? 1

Noida is one of the most rapidly developing cities of Uttar Pradesh and one of the prime reasons for its development is the proximity to the national capital Delhi. Noida is sometimes confused as a part of Delhi itself by newcomers who visit the capital in search of job or work. It has been defined as a part of Delhi by the people of Delhi itself due to its rapid industrialisation.

How did I end up investing in a 1 BHK flat in Noida?

I have been living in Delhi since the last 6 years working in a bank as an officer. I had provided several home loans to people so that they can buy their dream home in the city. Though, I have not yet found the opportunity to buy one for myself. Maybe I would someday soon, but I have been provided with an apartment by my bank to stay and I and my family are quite comfortable with it.

But still I have to hear stories of misfortune often from my customers of being duped while buying the home of their dreams like:

  • Some of them had their project shut down by the developer due to lack of funds and the money also has not been returned to them.
  • Some have been shown different flats as a demo and when handed over the flats were completely different from the one they were shown in the first place.
  • Some have been waiting for their flats to be completed as the project has been delayed by 2-3 years before possession.
  • Some have been handed over old flats at high rates.
  • Some have been duped or charged extra by brokers or developers.

This list is unending and seeing such incidents on more or less a daily basis has made me very nervous about myself investing in any properties at all. Regardless of that, I have been advised by many friends and colleagues of mine to invest my money in a property in Noida. In Delhi, people say that property in Noida is a gold mine for the future but my experiences with real estate fraud made me believe otherwise.

Property in Noida in Noida has been considered for investors all over the nation as the most promising location and first preference for any investor or buyer. Huge projects have come up in Noida in the last few years and many are ready to be started in the future. It is one of the investments which are sure to provide great returns for people who want to invest their money to get good and fast returns.

Although I never thought of buying a 1BHK flat in Noida for myself or my family, I thought that would be better to invest by starting small. I didn’t want to invest too much of my savings all at one go. So after a discussion with my wife, I decided that investing in a 1 BHK flat in Noida would be good for starting and experimenting with my investment.

But there were other problems which rose too like where would I find a suitable and genuine flat broker or developer, as I was not going to get duped by any builder or promoter in the first place.

Delhi is the national capital and the housing sector is huge in the national capital that I knew but Noida was a whole other state and territory although being close to the capital it had different rules and regulations as well as the developers and brokers were also different and in such a rapidly growing area such as Noida, there will be places which would get better value than others, and return for my investment in the property in Noida was my priority.

Therefore I started searching for options where I could get the guidance and help to buy a 1 BHK flat in Noida without getting duped. My search was leading me nowhere and I was about to give up my investment plan when one of my family friends came up with the idea of a website called the

At first, I was very sceptical about online transactions especially in cases of real estate’s. As it involves a transaction between multiple parties I thought that online such a feat impossible. But helped me to dilute all the sceptics that I had. is a real estate support website which helps you to buy, sell or rent properties. Although there are many websites as such available, provided a host of features and options which you won’t be able to find in other websites such as:

  • It provides you with all information about properties in Noida like flats, duplex, independent house, independent floor, penthouse, and villa.
  • It will provide with the choice of buying from broker, developer or directly from the seller.
  • It also provides you with options like 1 BHK, 2 BHK and more as well as I RK flats.
  • One can choose the number of bathrooms they want in their property in Noida. One can also choose the face of the flats i.e. in which direction they face.
  • One can also check whether the flat is RERA compliant or not.
  • The flat can be categorised according to its age if old flat and also according to the new flat or under construction.

One of the most advanced features of the website is that it provides you with the list of the most desired and top places in Noida which are further categorised according to commute, nightlife or direct owner flats.

One of the best features which will help me in future also about is that I can switch my role from a buyer to a renter or a seller on the same website of The website helped in finding and investing in the most suitable flat in Noida and I was very satisfied with the way things were handled through the website.

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