Iphone 12 Pro Max Purple: All You Need to Know

Iphone 12 Pro Max Purple

For a long time, the blue iPhone 12 has ruled the headlines. However, during the Spring hardware event, Apple announced another fancy color that has taken the market with a storm. Therefore, if you’re looking to upgrade to a new device, you might consider buying an iPhone 12 max pro. But does all the iPhone 12 series get a make-shift in color? Unfortunately, though, there’s no iPhone 12 pro max purple in the market.

Despite the disappointment, is the device worth buying? Yes. The top of the range gadget has a fresh design like the 12 series range.

Let’s dive into some features that might spark your interest.


The phone has a fresh design. The screen has slimmer bezels with frosted glass on the back. Also, the device still maintains the squared-off side trademark. Additionally, it supports the ceramic shield drop-resistant feature covering the screen with a MagSafe magnetic attachment situated on the back for accessories and charging purposes.

The device features a bright and crisp tablet-like screen. Thus, watching an HDR video is a breeze coupled with a set of high-quality stereo speakers. And much like its super competitors, holding the phone requires using two hands. The phone is wide and weighs about 226g, which is 39g heavier than the 12 Pro version.

Since the sides are rounded, gripping the device is significantly more accessible, but you might require some gymnastics to avoid any hand pain if you want to hold it using one hand.

Performance and Battery Life

Like iPad Air and regular iPhone 12, the device has the same A14 Bionic Chip Processor with a starting storage of 128GB and 6GB RAM. Moreover, the performance of the phone is excellent all around. What you might love most is the ability to process photos and videos faster.

And with a screen time of more than 7-hours, if you’re not a heavy user, the battery might last you up to 48-hours. Also, when it comes to charging, it takes about 30 minutes to charge it to 50%, and for a full charge, it takes about 2 hours and 13 minutes.

Besides the battery life is good, Apple hasn’t indicated the lifespan of the battery. But when maintained at 80% capacity, it can last 500 cycles.


Although the device has the same selfie camera as the 12 Pro, it has a different telephoto camera on the back. If you want to immerse yourself into some photo gimmicks, then the 2.5x optical zoom on the telephoto is a welcome relief for you. However, it’s worth noting that the lens is slightly lower than its counterpart, 12 Pro. That said, the primary camera has a dual 12 megapixel with 87% more capacity to collect light compared to its predecessors.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for iPhone 12 pro Max purple, you might consider the alternative mini options available for preorder and discounted prices at the Circle.Life. You can grab your preorder now without the obligation of signing a contract with their combo plans. Learn more about the Apple Company and their products that are available in market, on this website:

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