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Instantly Upgrade Your Rental House with These Decorating Trends

Rental House

When you first move into a rental property, you may be thinking to yourself, “How am I ever going to make this place look more attractive?” Or, “This place is so outdated, why did I ever sign the lease?” Both of these questions are asked by many that may be moving into houses for rent in San Antonio, and it’s very challenging to picture making it look cozy and nice when all you can focus on is the water stain on the ceiling and old carpet.

Luckily for you, today’s trends are made to be temporary, like removable wallpaper and hanging sets of framed pictures on the walls. It’s easy to make the space your own with a little guidance, and here’s how.

Removable Wallpaper

The sight of plain white walls are boring and unbearable to some people, especially if you want a chic look to your rental but can’t get anywhere with it. Removable wallpaper can be used on just one wall as an accent, or on all four! It’s easy to put up and comes off easily, so you won’t need to worry about handing in any cash from your security deposit when it’s time to move out.

Make A Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are becoming more and more popular, as renters are looking for ways to cover up any marks or stains, and ugly electrical outlets. You can create a tasteful and trendy gallery wall by gathering up pictures that generally have the same theme or color (5 or 6 will do the trick) and then buy frames for all of them. They can be different sizes as well. Then, just hang them up in a cluster and you have a gallery wall!

Change the Lighting Fixtures

Outdated rental properties mean outdated lighting fixtures. That cute fixture above the dining room table you saw on Pinterest is now a glass, 50 year old chandelier that has just got to go. Luckily, this is something super easy to swap out – just take down the lighting fixture and replace it with one that’s your own style, and that’s it! Just make sure to put the original fixture back when it’s time to move out.

Custom Shelving

Ahhh, the sight of an ugly, 100 year old radiator is seen in your living room as it’s staring right back at you. Radiators are most likely going to be present in older, outdated rentals since there’s simply no renovations and re-wiring happening. This one is a bit more challenging and a good weekend project, but you can hide or disguise a radiator by building a shelving unit next to it, with the exact same color and height.

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