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Recruitment Process
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The right candidate can take your company forward and enhance your company’s reputation and culture. However, the wrong candidate can hurt profitability, lower morale, and drain resources. The expenditures to correct the mistake are sizable, from advertising, interviewing, and training costs, to rehiring costs.

However, the highest cost of hiring the wrong candidate is the priceless opportunity cost. Your new hire’s failure to adapt to the organization can result in lost business opportunities. For these reasons and more, your company’s recruiters need to improve the recruitment process and hire the best person for the job every time.

Know What You Want

It’s essential to know what you want from an employee before you hire them. If you’re unsure of their job description, they’ll find it challenging to adapt to the job. After you have a clear idea of their responsibilities, requirements, and goals, write an accurate job description. A proper job description is the fastest way to filter out the wrong candidates.

The Best Person Is Not Necessarily the Right Person

A candidate who looks good on paper isn’t necessarily the right person for the job. They may have the best qualifications, but if they can’t mesh well with your company’s team dynamics, communication styles, and overall company culture, then they’re a poor fit for the job.

The best way to assess if they match with your company’s culture is through the interview process. Ask them about their ideal job, their future goals, work schedule, work-life balance, and communication style to gauge them. If their dream vocation is vastly different from the job they’re applying for, or if they don’t like to be micromanaged in a hands-on company, then they’re unlike to last at your organization.

Get Multiple Opinions

Even if you love the candidate, get more opinions. Ask leaders and senior employees from different areas of your organization to interview the candidate, especially if they’re likely to work with them. Remember, the best candidate should fit in with the job and the team.

Check References

Surprisingly, many companies skip this part of the hiring process after they like a candidate. While it’s good to trust your gut, it’s also essential to perform background checks. Use the candidate’s references to verify the information they’ve presented. All candidates embellish their skills, but there’s a fine line between exaggerating and lying.

Get Professional Help

Instead of wasting your company’s time and resources on filtering jobseekers, hire a professional recruitment company to find you the best candidate. The right agency will save you time, money, and find you the ideal candidate with their experience and market insight.

Always use a company that intimately understands the hiring position. For example, if you’re looking for a legal hire, use a recruitment firm specializing in lawyers for an outstanding candidate. Only a recruitment team of specialists can help you recruit the right candidate the first time.

The hiring process can either be incredibly rewarding or very frustrating. If you’ve had too many bad hires, use a team of professionals to quickly match your organization with the ideal recruit. Not only is it cost-effective, but it will save valuable time.

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