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Ideas for Loft Ladders – The Benefits of Aluminum Ladders

A lot of homes have loft or attic spaces that are not properly used. Using this space in a productive manner is a wonderful idea. However, one of the problems many people face is how they can access this area. Getting some good ideas for loft ladders is vital to make sure that you are able to access your loft both comfortable and safely. Many people do have these ladders in place, but they are old and dated, which actually makes them very unsafe as well. This is why they have to be replaced, in which case they have three options: aluminum, fiberglass or wood ladders. Sectioned ladders, regardless of the material, are generally the preferred option. Let’s take a look at the most popular of all: the three sectioned aluminum loft ladders option.

The 3 Sectioned Ladder

A key benefit of these types of ladders is that they are fully compliant with all national and international safety standards. This is something to always look for, as it tells you that it will be able to support a weight of up to 150kg safely. Do make sure, however, that you remember this weight is that of yourself and anything that you are carrying. When ladders meet international safety standards, you will know that they have been extensively tested and evaluated on each of their components, including the hinges, bolts and treads.

Features of the 3 Sectioned Ladder

One of the main features of these types of ladders is that they have D-shaped, non-slip rungs. This means climbing the ladder is totally safe, as is standing still on it. It also comes with a stowing pole and fits in almost all loft hatches. Plus, you can install it yourself, which means that you don’t need to ask a professional to install it for you. This will save you quite a lot of money. Furthermore, it comes with heavy duty catches to lock the ladders in place, so that it won’t twist or bend when you use it.

Some Specifications for Ladders with Handrails

This type of ladder is suitable for almost every loft hatch, as stated before. Some models also come with handrails, which are perfect for people who want added safety and security. One thing to remember, however, is that the more features the ladders have, the heavier they become. Without handrails, a 3 sectioned ladder usually weighs about 8kg, which is not very heavy. This is due to the fact that it is made from aluminum, a strong and durable but light weight material. However, if you want to attach handrails, the weight will significantly increase. While this is not a problem for the ladder itself, it does mean you have to be able to support the ladder’s weight as you lower it out of your loft hatch. This is why elderly people, and other people who may have strength or mobility issues, should always try to see if they can manage the weight of the ladder before opting for it.

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