Ideas For Big Anniversary Gifts

Anniversary Gifts

Trying to decide on the right gift for a big anniversary can be really difficult. After all, when you’ve been together for a long time, what is there left that you haven’t bought each other? It is definitely time to get inventive. Our top tips would be to think about activities your other half enjoys and maybe push them towards trying something similar, but new. Alternatively, another great idea might be to get them an upgrade on a previous gift – or even plan a surprise holiday for the both of you. If you’re still stumped, we dive into some specifics below to get the ball rolling.

1. Push them towards a new hobby

Does your spouse really enjoy a certain activity – for example, watching films or riding bikes? Perhaps you will be able to push them to enjoy something related but ew. For example, if your other half really loves art shows you could buy them a great camera and encourage them to get into photography. If they really enjoy BMXing, you could look into stunt scooters and encourage them to add this to their repertoire. This kind of gifting can be a fun new way to help each other find new things to enjoy in their free time.

2. Upgrade on a previous gift

If you feel you’ve already exhausted all the classic gifts, there’s no reason you can’t go for an upgrade. If you bought them a nice watch for you tenth anniversary, you could buy a dress watch for your fifteenth – this way, you don’t override or replace the original gift but you still get something special. Similarly, if you bought them a state of the art camera to help their photography career, you could do the same again for the next special anniversary, as the technology will have changed – the original present isn’t discarded, but the same meaningful gesture is achieved.

3. Planning a surprise trip

This doesn’t have to be a two week long affair – but just planning a thoughtful trip to your other half’s favourite place, or a place that’s special to both of you, is a great way to show how much you care without having to come up with a gift that won’t necessarily be something they want if you’re having trouble coming up with something. Whether it’s a lazy romantic weekend in a cabin in the mountains, or an adventure packed few days exploring somewhere new, make sure to pick somewhere both of you will enjoy amd you can enjoy each other’s company.

If you’ve been struggling for anniversary gift ideas, we hope this helps!

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