How Torrenting Can Benefit Businesses: What Experts Have To Say

Torrenting Businesses

Torrenting is one of the most misunderstood pieces of technology. You can download large files from them faster than any other site, while they also possess the risk of a data breach. You can learn about the technology behind torrent downloading and uploading, on this website:

Does that mean businesses can’t benefit from torrents?

Well, we did not say that. On the contrary, despite the immense risks it possesses, torrenting has more positive traits than many other technologies trending in recent years. 

Research also shows that torrenting is responsible for moving 40’% of the internet’s traffic. It means you can download your files from piratebay without worrying too much about the data breaching risks it possesses. 

How Can Torrenting Benefit Businesses?

People sell pirated content on torrents and make huge profits without financially robbing anyone. As good as this business strategy sounds, you can also use torrenting to make money for your business. Let’s take a look:

1: Share Heavy Files And Ample Data With Ease

You may already know that torrenting is suitable for sharing heavy files faster. Even business tycoons like Facebook and Twitter also said that they even used BitTorrent protocol to transfer files from one server to another at the start of their business.

Since the update files of Facebook are huge, which takes considerable time to share, the BitTorrent protocol made it more accessible. 

Even Florida State University shared massive scientific datasets to researchers worldwide with torrenting servers.

It proves you can share up to 100 GB of data over torrenting. Even the technology is so efficient that you won’t lose any data no matter how slow your internet connection is. 

2: Serves As An Alternate Download/Upload Method

Many businesses are not blessed with good bandwidth connections, so when their internet speed fluctuates, they face significant problems downloading large files. 

For example, the Ubuntu operating system is free, but the file is more than 1 GB in size, so torrenting is the best way to download it. Therefore, Ubuntu from Linux uses the BitTorrent protocol to upload large files for end-users so that they can access them fast.

Other companies like Blizzard Entertainment have also used torrenting to upload the game updates of Diablo II and World of Warcraft.

Since the files are not stored on a particular server here, you can still download files even when one source is inactive. Thus, it is a time-saving and cost-effective process to download/upload files.

3: Get More Exposure

If you are a new artist and want to share your music track with the world, there is no better way than putting it up on a torrent. We know what you are thinking.

What’s wrong with YouTube and Pinterest, and don’t those sites have more viewers?

Of course, they do. However, those sites are filled with a uniform kind of audience group, and most of them prefer ownership of the content instead of simply streaming it. 

Torrent sites offer a diversified audience, and as a new artist, it is one of the best ways to get exposure. If you share your work on torrents, millions of people will notice you because that’s how many people stay active on torrents on a daily basis.

Many businesses use torrents to find out customer trends, and it helps them shape their business strategy for the upcoming year. You can study what your customers are downloading and thus develop a buyer persona to sell your products to them.

Many media and entertainment companies take advantage of this trait. For example, companies like Netflix and Warner Bros use torrent sites to study what customers are downloading.

Then, they upload that kind of content on their site and charge hundreds of dollars from people to see it. Indeed, they are not violating any copyright law but studying the customer trends on torrenting works well for them to increase their profit margin. 

Knowing the customer needs can be helpful for any company to deliver more accurate products to their target audience group. The trends may differ across countries, but they can give a general overview that is helpful for several companies. 

Signing Off

There you go. We have accumulated the diverse ways torrenting can help businesses. It goes way beyond simply sharing large files, and as we have mentioned in the article, torrenting will not disappear any time soon. Therefore, read this article once again, and use it for your business. For further queries, let us know in the comment box. 

Learn more about different types of internet and computer technologies that can enhance the productivity as well as sale of your organization, on this website:

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