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How to unblock shower drains naturally?

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A blocked shower drain can be one of the most annoying things. What would you do in such a condition? There can be multiple reasons for a blocked shower drain, but not every time you need to call the plumber. Sometimes it is only about the natural tricks that can help. The best part about unclogging the wet room shower drain naturally is the ease of doing it.

You will be quite overwhelmed to know that the solutions you need to unblock the shower drain are all available at your home. However, only for a few of these, you might need to go out and grab the unique ingredients.

Most of the time, the shower drain is not actually blocked, but we suspect it to be. To ensure that the shower is not blocked, you should first go for a visual survey. Grab a torchlight, and check if there is some kind of blockage. This step is necessary as we would not want you to waste the product.

Unclog the drain with boiling water.

The boiling water trick can help if you see that the drain is not blocked with any kind of visible obstruction. The boiling water will take away all clogging debris, usually the dust; it will swipe it all in the bigger drain, making it a simple and natural way to clean the drain.

Using boiling water to clean the shower drains should be a practice at your home, especially when you have kids who shower with dirty slippers.

Baking soda and vinegar solution

The baking soda and vinegar solution is the kind of acid-base reaction that will clean the drains. Sometimes when you use an excess of scrubs and shower gels to clean your body, the excess product will get stuck to the drain walls. To clean that up, you need to mix three parts of the baking soda in five parts of vinegar. This is it, now pour it slowly in the drain, and you will get the clean, unblocked drains. After that, you should also try some boiling water.

Use a plunger.

A plunger can take out the blocking material within no time. Sometimes kids, try to throw some random objects in the drain just for the sake of fun, so you never know what is actually blocking the drain. To take it out, you should use plungers. It is the best way to clean the drain when the object blocking the drain is a bigger one.

Use the hooks.

The last option to clean the shower drains using the snake hooks; these are for the tiny and slim blocking materials. It can be either hair or threads. You will also have to grab a torch for this to point the hook in the right direction, and once you feel something is hooked, pull the hook out of the drain.


Keeping the drains clean and unblocked for eternity is impossible. Thus, to avoid such issues, you need to pour down boiling water or vinegar solution to keep it clean. 

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