How To Stay Secure While Telecommuting


Working from home can be great instead of having to commute to an office. However, you won’t have the same security solutions at home as if you were in your workplace. Make sure you use these methods so that you can be secure while telecommuting.


No matter what kind of network you’re on, someone connected to that network can grab all of the network packets coming from your device. This means that you could be leaking secrets from your work without you even knowing about it. For this reason, you should be using a VPN.

A VPN makes it so that all of your packets are going through another encrypted internet connection somewhere else around the world. This makes it impossible for someone on the same network as you to decrypt your network packets. Make sure you start using a VPN if you want your work safe from intruders.

Two-Factor Authentication

Sometimes a hacker doesn’t need to grab your internet packets, just your log-in information. It can be more brutal to have your log-in information leaked as a hacker can go through many work secrets that you don’t even access daily. This is why you should start using two-factor authentication for your work accounts.

With two-factor authentication, you’re forced to use a second device to log-in to your work. These types of devices can range from your own mobile phone to a separate key that you have to carry around whenever you want to log-in. It’s well recommended that you choose the separate key if you have work that needs to be very secure, as hackers might not have an issue getting into your mobile device. Ensure that you use two-factor authentication whenever you log-in to your work services.

Private Network

Even while using a VPN and two-factor authentication, someone on your network might still be trying to get into your work device. This can be exhausting as you might quickly let your guard down in a way that a hacker could get inside your work in just seconds. You should be using a private network instead of a public network for this reason.

When you’re connected to a private network, that means your network has a secure password with a low amount of users having access to it. This means that you can’t rely on using the network for your local coffee shop even though they only give out the password to paying customers. You will want to make sure that the password for your private network is secure enough, even at home, since a hacker can use a program to automatically find that password over time. Make sure that you use a private network while telecommuting if you want to be safe.

Anti-virus Software

While people might be trying to stay as safe as possible while telecommuting, you’ll always find hackers that will try to push limits. Many of them do this by creating software that infects computers. With this software, a hacker might be able to take control of systems in a workplace without anyone knowing until it’s too late. This is why employees of a business should be told to use anti-virus software on their computer.

With anti-virus software, workers don’t need to spend too much time looking into each file they download to see if it’s going to infect their work’s network. It’s important though that workers keep their anti-virus software updated, as hackers are always looking for ways to create new software that can get past an anti-virus solution. Ensure that you install anti-virus software on your computer if you are planning on telecommuting.

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