How to Remodel your Bathroom to Give it a Sophisticated Feel?

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Bathrooms are often the overlooked space of the house for many. Their only significance is thought of to be their functionality leaving the appearance of the bathroom ignored. While others think that to have a sophisticated look to a bathroom, it must be large in size and hence a large expenditure as well. However, regardless if it’s a tiny box sized space or a 200 square feet bathroom you can give your bathroom the right edge it needs if you know your way through it. Here are a few tips to get you started.


Bathrooms might not be one of the places where you think a little dab of colorful paint or a vividly designed wallpaper might just be what the space needs for a pop, you’d rather settle for the same old boring white for your walls whereas color might just be what that needs to give the bathroom that expensive yet sophisticated look. Get ahead of the traditional white walls and give that bathroom a dash of spice to be reckoned with. If you’re having second thoughts on what color to go for when renovating your bathroom or even have the right mindset and just need someone to do it for you, give us a call at BRIKS General Contractors in Oakville and we’ll get right at it.

Heated Floors

When thinking of the bathroom flooring people usually go for the usual; tiles that don’t stain easily, longer durability and so on. If you’ve ever had to step out on a cold floor right after a steaming hot shower, you’ll know that might be one of the worst feelings ever. So why not think outside the box and give your bathroom the heated flooring it luxuriously calls for. What could be better than no more stepping out on cold floors? Why miss out on the luxurious heated floor feeling when you could have it right away, place a call at BRIKS Design-Build Group and our team will help you with it.


Lighting divides two types of people, one that prefer to go for dim and romantic lighting while the other lot that prefers bright lighting concept to lavish their bathroom space. Whichever way you might want to take, there’s no doubt in the fact that lighting is a significant part of any room, let alone a bathroom. Similarly, having more windows to let the natural light in is another trending concept in the world of bathroom remodeling. Lighting is one of the majors that must never be overlooked upon. Contact us at BRIKS Design-Build Group to get your bathroom fixed with the correct lighting and never have to worry about it again.

Walk-In Showers

Walk-in showers have recently made an entrance over the last few years and continue having a strong foothold. Walk-in showers have countless benefits, making them a favorite amongst people looking to renovate their bathrooms. They consist of a small separate space usually with a glass door for showering that adds up to low maintenance, less water everywhere hazards, a more spacious look to number a few. We don’t want you to miss out on the trending concept of walk-in showers and neither do you, why not get in touch with us at BRIKS Design-Build Group and we’ll get your bathroom remodeled with the perfect walk-in shower for you and your family.


Surprisingly, brass has taken field in this area as well. Where before it was more of a trend in kitchens and bedrooms, today brass has set a dynasty of its own in the bathroom space as well. Brass on simple and small things such as the soap holder, the faucet, a few visible piping here and there can give the bathroom space an aura that it was missing of its own. If you’re thinking that brass is what your sink fixtures are missing out on, call us right now at BRIKS Design-Build Group and our talented team will help you with that.

Vanity and Sink

The good old vanity and sink might arguably be one of the places most of us think is our go to for big and trendy. While a large vanity and sink may have its own pros, huge vanity and sink places may not always give your bathroom the sophisticated look rather it may in opposite, look more than necessary space consuming. Instead, a better option would be to go for a simple yet revolutionary look for your vanity and sink. If you’re looking for a new look to give to your bathroom, place a call at BRIKS Design-Build Group and get it ASAP!

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