How To Pump Up Your Packaging Game with These 4 Box Design Ideas

Packaging Game

Whether you’re shipping out your latest clothing release, hand delivering local food orders or sending out delicate homeware, picking out the right packaging can make all the difference. As well as needing to provide sufficient protection to keep the contents safe, the appearance of your printed mailing bags or boxes will form a first impression for your customers. To help you take your packaging to the next level, we share four of our top tips for your design.

  1. Show your identity

Although your packaging is predominantly a practical aspect to your business, that doesn’t mean it can’t look good! Including your branding will not only create a professional feel to the package, but it is increasing brand awareness as the parcel makes its way across the country during transit. Take the opportunity to personalise your boxes, using the empty space as a blank canvas to let your creativity run free and show off your brand image. To go one step further than the traditional name and logo, how about making use of additional embellishments such as foiling and embossing to create a premium feel that your customers will love?

  1. Tell a story

With consumers receiving so many branded parcels and letters on a regular basis, making yours stand out can be a challenge. Customer’s love a personal touch so turn the opening of their package into an experience. Use your packaging as an opportunity to tell a story, making your customers feel connected with your brand on a more personal level and opening up a conversation channel. Whether you want to discuss your commitment to becoming more environmentally friendly, show what projects you are doing in the local community or talk about your latest social media campaign, use your space wisely!

  1. Fit like a glove

Depending on the nature of your product offerings, make sure your orders arrive to the recipients in pristine condition. We’ve seen some great examples of packaging which includes compartments inside to keep each item separate, protected and well presented so you can maintain your high end feel. For more delicate items, ensuring they are well wrapped will prevent the risk of damage so picking out some branded tissue paper or recycled stuffing will mean not only are your products kept safe, but they stay in place for presentation purposes.

  1. Extra special touches

It’s no secret that it’s the small things that mean the most. Taking that little bit of extra time to add a personal touch can go a long way for your brand reputation, showing how important each order is to you as a business. Whether you carefully wrap the contents in delicate tissue paper, add some ribboning, include some freebies or leave a little note on the top, presentation is everything so think of the smaller touches. To create a particularly high end feel, we recommend using branded decorations which ooze luxury and show off your brand image for a premium feel that will look the part.

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