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How To Protect Your Belongings During A Home Renovation

Home Renovation

More and more people are renovating their homes, to bring them closer to their dream home, or to get them ready for sale at a time when housing prices are at historic highs. Many homeowners find that the renovation process can harm their belongings or cause them to get lost. You can learn about the home renovation and improvement process, on this website: http://www.garrettiron.com

Here are some solutions to protect your belongings during your home renovation.

Use Your Garage or Another Room as Storage Space

You can use your garage as a temporary storage space, and keep furniture, documents, bicycles, a fridge, camping equipment, and other items. Before you start, you should clear the garage of any waste, so that you can organize your belongings in a logical way. Try and organize your belongings so that you can walk in and out of your garage easily, and access your belongings as you need them.

If you don’t have a garage, or the garage is full, you can use another room in your home as a temporary storage space. Of course, the difficulty here is that you will have to renovate that room at some point, so you will need to leave the renovation of that room till the end.

Cover Your Belongings

During renovations, there’a a lot of dust, flying around, that ends up on your belongings. This is such a headache to clean. To avoid that headache, get a cloth of plastic to cover your belongings. Make sure the cloth or plastic is big enough to cover each item.

If you have anything on your shelves, remove them, and place them somewhere safe and cover them. Then, cover the bare shelves to protect them.

Whatever material you use to cover your belongings must be soft, so that it doesn’t scratch any of your belongings.

Use a Portable Storage Container

Portable storage containers are great options for people who do not have enough space to store their belongings. Suppliers such as Go Minis deliver these units to your home, so you can store your goods for as long you need. If you’re moving your belongings, the unit can be delivered to that location. If you just want to keep the unit outside your home, you can do that too. Portable storage containers are very flexible, convenient solutions to your storage problems.

Rent a Self-Storage Unit

A self-storage unit may be a more permanent solution for protecting your belongings. You might find that in a home renovation, there are things you don’t want to keep in your home, or which you won’t keep for a very long time. Or, you just might have very valuable goods for which you require additional security. Self-storage units provide you with secured storage space in a fixed location.
You want to get a self-storage unit that’s near to your home, so that you can access your belongings as and when you need them. They are the ideal solution for high-value items such as jewelry, artwork, furniture, appliances, and other items that you either don’t have the storage space to keep, of which you would feel more comfortable storing in a secure location.

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