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How to Prevent Bathroom Injuries for Seniors Living Independently

Bathroom Injuries

During this pandemic, seniors have no choice but to be away from family. They are either in nursing facilities or living independently. If you have an elderly loved one who decided to live alone, you have to ensure safety. Start by making sure that the bathroom doesn’t cause injuries. Here are some tips.

Install grab bars

Older people have mobility issues. They might slip on the floor when the bathroom is wet. To prevent it, you have to install grab bars. The elderly can hold the bars while inside the bathroom. Even without assistance, they can bathe with ease.

Use non-slip surfaces

When choosing bathroom flooring, you have to look for non-slip surfaces. If you have no idea which one to choose, you can ask your contractor. You will receive tips on which option is suitable.

Install heated floors

Another idea is to install heated floors. Injuries happen because the floor is wet. With a heated floor, everything dries up quickly. There’s also no need to mop the floor regularly. Seniors also save time in maintaining the cleanliness of the house.

Remove obstacles

Use the minimal approach when decorating the bathroom. Remove distractions and obstacles. As long as the bathing essentials are already there, it’s good enough.

Use vanity furniture

Seniors also have a hard time looking for things. With potential neurological issues, they keep forgetting things. Make it easy for them by purchasing vanity furniture. It also serves as a storage area. They can keep everything necessary in one place. You may also put a label if the memory loss issue is somewhat severe.

Install a walk in bath

Walk in baths are perfect for seniors because they’re easy to use. After removing the clothes, anyone can use the bath right away. Moving in and out of the area is also not a problem.

Improve visibility

Change the bathroom lighting fixtures. They have to be bright enough so that there will be no visibility issues. However, it’s better if there’s an option to dim the lights. Some people have difficulty seeing due to the bright lights, and they don’t want the bathroom to be too bright.

Prevent possible hot water burns

You can set the maximum temperature for hot water in the bathroom. Again, with neurological and disability problems, seniors might set the temperature beyond tolerable. If they do, it could cause injuries. Find a way to avoid skin burns by making the necessary temperature adjustments.

Converse with them regularly

While it’s good that your loved one decided to stay alone, it also helps to have regular conversations. It improves brain capacity. You also have the opportunity to explain safety rules inside the house. If there are concerns, you can discuss them over the phone. Constant communication is also an excellent way to show how much you love your elderly relative. Evaluate the setup and see if it’s reasonable. Eventually, you might have to reconsider your plans and move your relative to a nursing facility.

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