How to prepare pallets for transportation?

pallets for transportation

Various types of cargo can be transported efficiently on pallets. However, in order for the shipment to safely reach the recipient, it must be properly prepared for shipment. How to do it and what do you need to pay special attention to?

Although the transport provider is responsible for the safe pallet transport, the sender or recipient is responsible for the proper protection of the shipment. It is on their side to organize the shipment in accordance with the regulations.

Select the type of pallets and check their condition

The most important thing is to adjust the type of pallet to the load and to check the condition of the pallets you want to send. So check that the pallets are not damaged and have no cracks or fractures. If you have the wooden pallets, check that they are not starting to rot. If the wood is in contact with moisture for a long time, it can rot and this causes damage to the pallet. Any damage disqualifies the pallet and you must exclude it from transport.

Correct arrangement of the load on the pallet

Even if the pallets are in good technical condition, wrong placement of the load can damage it. Distribute the load evenly and place the heaviest packages on the bottom. Then place the lightest packages on the top.

Remember that packages shouldn’t protrude beyond the pallet because it may damage the load. Free spaces in the packages should be filled to prevent damage. You can use foam, polystyrene or paper. Items shouldn’t move inside the package. All smaller packages should be packed in a multipack. You should also remember that the center of gravity should be located more or less in the center of the pallet.

Protection of the pallet before shipment

Choosing the right pallet and proper placement of the load on it is not enough. It is equally important to secure the entire shipment. It should be covered with special tops (e.g. cardboard) and then tightly wrapped with heat-shrinkable foil. The foil will secure the load when tilted sideways. There are also special corner cardboard boxes on the market that will further secure the load.

The waybill should be placed in a visible place – preferably to the side. Remember that the waybill should stick to the package tightly so that it cannot be damaged during transport.

How to find the transport provider?

A good way to quickly find a carrier that will transport your pallets is to list your items on the Clicktrans platform. You should include information on where and from where you want to transport the pallets, as well as the dimensions of the cargo. The carriers who travel this route will submit their offers and you will choose the most advantageous one. Due to the fact that the parcels are taken as added load, the price is definitely more advantageous than the separately organized transport of pallets. Before choosing a carrier, it’s a good idea to read the reviews received from other users. Many carriers with extensive experience in the transport of pallets are registered on Clicktrans.

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