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The travel industry is starting to open again, and international holidays are finally back on the cards. However, the pandemic is still around us, and travel restrictions are constantly changing worldwide. Before you set off on a new adventure, you need to familiarise yourself with the current restrictions in the UK and at your destination. Preparation and planning have never been more important for international travellers.

Here are a few things to consider before you travel abroad this year.

Organise your transfers

Book your train tickets to the airport in advance or organise a taxi to collect you and your family. Transfers can become expensive if you leave them to the last minute.

Is your passport updated?

It’s been a long-time since most of us travelled abroad. Your passport may be out of date now, and you need to update it as soon as possible. Your local post office can help you update your passport and fill out the application. Or, you can do a little research online to see how long it will take and the fees involved. Usually, it costs under £100 to purchase a new adult passport in the UK, and it will last for ten years.

Vaccinations and prescriptions

If you are going away for a few weeks, you need to make sure you have restocked your prescription medication. Ask your doctor for a refill to keep you covered throughout your holiday. Always pack these medications in prescription bottles with a photograph of the prescription from your doctor. Carry your medication in your carry on. Y

You also need to check whether you need any vaccinations for your destination, such as cholera, yellow fever and Zika virus. You may need a covid-19 vaccination to travel to some destinations.

Check for travel warning

While the UK is making progress in returning to normal life, other countries are still experiencing the pandemic in full force. Do your research and make sure it’s safe to travel abroad now. Stay updated with the UK’s traffic light system and avoid booking anything too far in advance.

Stock your wallet

You need money for your holiday. Some credit cards can charge you up to 10% per transaction abroad, and it’s dangerous to carry a wad of cash around. Look into a traveller debit card to use abroad, so you can keep your cash safe and fees low.

Enjoy your holiday, and watch out for any new travel alerts.

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