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How To Pick The Best Counter For Your Kitchen

Kitchen Counter

Picking the best counter for your kitchen is extremely important for setting the tone and aesthetic of the kitchen as well as defining the utilitarian aspects. So, we will go through various ways that you can use to go about picking the best counter for your kitchen.

The best way to go about choosing a compatible kitchen countertop and backsplash have the countertop material run up through the backsplash. In this way, there will be no seams, and the look will be timeless, whatever the style of your kitchen. You can run countertops all the way to your upper cabinets, which usually are around 18 inches above the counter. Even without uppers, 18 inches still looks attractive.

Let’s create a scenario: you have a kitchen with dark green counters, cream cabinets, and a cream tile floor, and you want to know what colours are suited for a repainting job on the cabinets, in order to make the cabinets appear crisper, and more modern, without clashing with the floors. A way to do this would be to avoid using white or gray as these will make the cream tiles appear yellow and dingy. For a more youthful, less formal, more fun aesthetic, you could paint the cabinets a lighter shade of green than the counter, for example, Benjamin Moore’s Spring Break.

A lot of people wonder how soapstone would perform for a family’s kitchen counter. Soapstone is a gorgeous countertop material, though it does take care: you need to oil iot regularly in order to keep it dark and richly coloured. Without regular care, it is liable to become lighter over time. It can also scratch, much like marble, but it is possible to buff out minor scratches.

Some people have laminate counters, and are thinking about upgrading to quartz counters, and are looking for something no-fuss, because they cook a lot. They have thought about stainless steel counters, for obvious reasons and would like to know the pros and cons, and they have also thought about granite counters and butcher blocks. For these people, it is important to know that because stainless steel is such a tough material, it tends to scratch very easily and very prominently. Also, customised stainless steel counters are extremely expensive to fabricate and are very cold to the touch. Stainless steel counters work if you are going for a commercial restaurant look, but if that is not your intention, the result is less than appealing. Granite counters are not to be completely ignored. Honed granites have the look and feel of soapstone and marble. It is also good to know that many granites do not have that “speckled” aesthetic that looks so dated. Quartz countertops are the minimalist’s friend, which is something you cannot say for laminate because of the many ways to damage it.

Upper cabinets are pretty controversial. There are a lot of people who do not like them and prefer kitchens with open shelves and windows. Open shelving is a wonderful idea, especially if there are enough closed cabinets to hide the ugly items that inevitably form part of our kitchens. For example, tupperware on an open shelf is not the most attractive thing in the world.

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