How To Pamper Yourself While Staying Safe


The Covid-19 pandemic has left a lot of people feeling unmoored. Forced to spend aeons cooped up at home, many have forgotten what it means to practice self-care and pamper themselves. The stress and anxiety of the pandemic, as well as of lost incomes, job instability or the general uncertainty with which we are forced to live, has frazzled a lot of nerves and left us badly in need of self-care.

It is true that a substantial number of Americans have jobs that are at least convertible to remote jobs, but remote work has not prepared many of them for life under lockdown. With the decline in physical contact and occasions for socializing, self-care is more important than ever. Let’s take a look at a few ways to pamper yourself.

Splurge on an Impractical Gift

Given the difficulties of the pandemic economy, it is clear that we must all budget very well to make it through these tough times. Nevertheless, we must leave scope for us to splurge on an “impractical” gift. It may seem perverse to do so, but an impractical gift has the virtue of lifting your spirits and reminding you that you are, after all, human,

Anyone who has been through a hard time knows the rush of pure joy that a dose of extravagance can bring.

One must emphasise that this gift is not meant to serve any utilitarian purpose, it is to make you smile, to make your heart flutter just a little. It is trite to say that there is no price on happiness, but there is a price to unhappiness and the physical and psychological toll of periods of unalleviated stress can lead to real economic costs that go beyond a minor extravagance.

You can look at a range of gifts, they need not be big gifts or outrageously expensive. It could be a slice of cake, a new perfume, fresh flowers, a trip to the spa, or a novel. What counts is that it brings you joy.

Create a Space to Relax

We all need time to relax. This can take the form of visiting a spa, or, of creating a space at home to do something that you love to do to de-stress. Creating a space to relax is something we should all think about doing. And do.

It could be a space to meditate, or read, or play Monopoly. So long as it fulfills the aim of allowing you to do something that relaxes you.

You could create a private oasis where you can put scented candles, or have a few drinks, or just sit and let the troubles melt away.

A private space of this kind tells your brain that when you enter it, all troubles are forbidden. Eventually, your brain becomes primed to relax in that space.

Carve Out Time to do Something That Makes Makes You Happy

A lot of the stress we experience is because we do not give ourselves time to do the things that make us happy. Life gets in the way. We lose parts of ourselves and forget what it feels like to be happy. Whether it is visiting the spa at dermani Medspa, or going for a walk, or treating yourself to a nice movie, it is important to create time for the things you love so you can reconnect with your happy self and renew yourself for the challenges ahead.

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