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How To Make Money From Selling Your Old Furniture

How To Make Money From Selling Your Old Furniture

If you are looking to sell old furniture, whether it’s because you are going for a completely new look at home, or you think it’s time to let it go, or, perhaps you simply need the money -and don’t we all in these harsh economic times-, this is the article for you.

To sell furniture, you need to settle a few things first: firstly, you need to be clear about what your aim is, for example, are you looking to make money or are you selling simply to rid yourself of an item of furniture; secondly, you need to figure out how much time and effort you are willing to invest in this little project; thirdly, you need to figure out the logistical side of the project, for example, will you sell your furniture on an online platform and ship to the buyer, or will you sell only within your locale?

Once you have answered these questions, moving forward is a much easier proposition.

Check the Condition of Your Furniture Piece

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If you are selling a damaged or broken item of furniture, it may not be worth your while to sell it on an online platform because the commission they take from sales will greatly reduce the amount you can earn given that you are unlikely to command a large price for it. If the piece is fragile or broken, shipping it is likely to lead to even greater damage. If the item is in mint condition, whether that is because it is actually new or because it has been restored, it will be able to command a high price. The condition of your furniture piece will go a long way toward determining the price you can slap on. Typically, used furniture is sold at a discount of 70-80% of its original price. If you do not have that on hand, you can use the average prices at a competitively priced leather furniture storeor the Furniture Blue Book.

Logistical Issues

Whether or not you will ship your furniture is one of the biggest questions you will have to face. Shipping determines how widely you can sell an item. If you will not be shipping your furniture piece, then you should only list on local sites, such as Facebook Marketplace or Craiglist for your town, or, you can sell directly. If you have a bunch of furniture to sell, you could try hosting a tag sale.

How to Sell Locally

  • Create clear and descriptive signs around your neighbourhood at least within a week of a tag sale, giving all necessary info so people know where to go, when and what they can buy.
  • Post your tag sale on online message boards and social media, if you don’t mind people knowing your address.
  • If you only have a few items of furniture, you can try the local flea market and decide if the cost of selling there makes it worthwhile.
  • If your pieces are high-value, you should consider selling them to an auction house, vintage or antiques dealer in your area.

Selling Online

Before you can sell online, you will have to take pictures of your furniture items, and make sure they give a good idea of what the pieces look like. Avoid filters and other attempts at making the piece look better than it is. Give the relevant dimensions so prospective buyers know how big the pieces are. Make sure to take pictures that give a good sense of the texture, fabric and patterns on the piece. You want to be honest with your pictures and frank in your descriptions. Do not hide or avoid mentioning any damage on the furniture. Finally, when you are posting the items, use the appropriate keywords so it is easy to find your piece when someone is searching for something like it.

You can use platforms such as ChairishAptDecoEbayFacebook MarketplaceOfferUpCraigslist, or even Instagram. Each platform will have its own terms of use and ways of interacting with customers, so you will have to familiarize yourself with the platform and adjust your offer to suit the platform.

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