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How to Know If Your Home Needs New Roofing?


As years go by, your home needs proper upkeep and maintenance, so that in turn, it can provide you with optimum comfort and security. If you have been living in your home for a long time, start thinking of investing in a new roof. If your roof is more than 25-35 years old, you may need to contact a roofing supply for a complete replacement. Do the replacement even if your roof is in good condition to avoid dealing with bigger and costlier fixes. You can learn about the various types of roofing available in the market, on this website: http://www.catfurniturediscounters.com

Here are some telltale signs that it is time to get a new roof above your head:

Sunlight penetrates from the attic.

This is a clear sign that there is something wrong with your roofing. If light could easily get in, then air, rain, and snow can easily make their way too. Check your roof for water stains, as you may have a leakage problem if the stains keep changing shape and getting bigger, particularly after some rainfalls.

Call a roofing expert, depending on the scope of the damage. While you can patch small leakages by yourself, you will want to leave the job to the professionals if your problem is structural damage, bigger leaks, or an extremely old roof.

Curled roof shingles

Curling shingles means you have a potential leakage problem due to weathering. The curling could be clawing or cupping. When you notice that your roof begins to come up in the centre, but the edges remain flat, you have clawing shingles. On the other hand, when you see that the edges are turning up, then you are dealing with cupping. Regardless of the type of curling, consider replacing your roof from this year up to five more years.

Visible growths

Often, nature finds its way on your roof and starts to grow, particularly when you neglect you maintain and tend it. If nature is growing on your roof, for example, moss, inspect your roofing system both inside and outside. If the growth is indoors, you have a bigger problem in your hands. If there is an excessive growth on and around your roof, determine the reason for it, and decide if a roof replacement is the best solution to stop the growth altogether.

Rotting roof

A rotting roof makes your home unsightly and less efficient. This roof issue is also a health threat to the members of the family, especially to the immunocompromised ones. You have a rotting problem if you can see discolouration of the beams, damp spots, and mould spots throughout the roof. Depending on your roof problem, you may repair or replace specific areas, or change your entire roof.

Sagging roof

A roof that sags is considered a structural problem, such as an issue with the support system in the foundation or the attic decking. A sagging roof is not dangerous, but it is better to address it while localized and minor, and not when it has already progressed.  Once you see a droop or a depression, call a roofing supply company right away.

When it comes to home projects, roofing is one of the largest investments. If you notice any of the problems on your roof, find the best roofing supplier Rust and mold can speed up your roof’s deterioration so you should seek help from Premier Roof Cleaning Inc in Orlando as soon as possible because you do not want to face more problems along the way. You know you will get high-quality materials from the right company and can help solve your roofing problems efficiently. Learn more about the life of a normal quality roofing and how to increase it, on this website: www.nghomedecor.com


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