How to increase your productivity at work? Try these games in your free time!

games in your free time

“Let’s take it seriously! It’s not a game!” We could hear this or something similar already during the school years. After kindergarten, more and more things in our life are losing their game nature. So by adulthood, we have been deprived of almost all games we had in our childhood. Therefore, we might have forgotten how to play and what the play had given us once upon a time. Could that be the reason for unproductivity, burn-out, stress, addictions, and some more inconveniences? Is it a shame to play as an adult? Could games provide us with the solution to the above-mentioned difficulties? You don’t have to turn back time, just turn off your computer for a while and wake up the sleeping child inside you!

The magic of the plays

Fortunately, the reality is not so brittle. Games are organic parts of adult life as well. Let’s think of card and sport or the computer and video games. However, these games require more application of the rules, investment of physical power rather than creativity.

According to psychologists, spending time playing enhances productivity, creativity; it improves effectiveness, problem-solving skills and reduces stress. While playing, we shift our point of view: we can clearly see the goal, aim of the game. We start to believe in ourselves because we know that our failures have no consequences. So we get rid of the responsibilities, however, at the same time, we invest our energies and power into the game. 

In reality, we cannot forget about our responsibilities, nevertheless, as soon as the situation makes it possible, we should look at our actual task as a challenge, as a game that motivates us. Besides this work-related method, sometimes, we have to totally forget our job! We need the time when we can use the other sites of our grey matter but not in connection with the work. This cloudless play-time provides us with the opportunity to develop ourselves unconsciously. While playing, our skills, strengths are used and therefore trained, however, it doesn’t seem to be a burden for us.

There are some special games that can improve our productivity and effectiveness even at work and in private life. We have collected five in the following which is the easiest to carry out. Let’s learn them to have fun and develop at the same time!

1. Activity

Hopefully, you still remember the main game of the birthday parties and Sunday brunches! However, activity might seem to be an old-school game; its simplicity and, at the same time, complexity make it an evergreen classic. 

You need just some friends or family members who will be divided into groups, and the game could start. The players should act, draw (without speaking), or tell the definition of something within 1 minute in such a way that their playmate could figure out what the actor/drawer/speaker had meant. You can create playcards. However, ACTIVITY board games for different age groups are available in toy stores.

This classical game improves creativity, brings out hidden skills, and encourages shy people. Therefore, all these contribute to the improvement of your productivity, effectiveness, and success.

2. “Draw a circle!”

Among the here-listed games, “draw a circle!” is the cheapest and simplest one. Nevertheless, it is extremely useful, especially if you are a teacher, instructor, coach, project manager, or leader.

The task is very easy. You need at least 2 players, 2 sheets of paper, pencils and you. You should give instructions to the other two about what and how they should draw. The drawers are not allowed to ask. Just use the pieces of information they have understood from you. In the end, the drawers have to show their “masterpieces.” If they are similar, it means that you are a great director. If your instructions were not clear, and the drawers were seeking information (the drawings are not similar), it means that practice is needed for you. After a while, you will realize how much the exact instructions improve you and your colleagues’ productivity.

3. Escape room

Some people have never taken part in any escape games, but they have prejudices against them. Firstly, it might sound strange: you spend money to get closed in a room from which it is hard to escape. However, it is not so simple! In an escape room, you have to put your IQ, EQ, logic, and common sense into action! You and your playmates are closed in a mysterious room from which the way to exit is throughout the chain of logical puzzles. You should read between the lines, reveal the interconnections, work in a team, and fight with time pressure.

Escape rooms improve your problem-solving abilities, bring you out of your comfort zone, and develop the speed of decision-making. Therefore raise your effectiveness, productivity, and focusing skills. Luckily, there are many escape rooms with distinct themes so that you can visit a new one every week. This game just cannot be boring. Prepare yourself: you might be addicted!


This is more than a game! The number one toy of the XX. century, which continues its successful career even today. LEGO was invented in 1932, in Denmark in the workshop of a carpenter. The magic of LEGO is that the elements (bricks) have small spikes on the top and holes at the bottom, so they can be easily attached, at the same time separated from each other. Moreover, the elements of the distinct LEGO series are compatible with each other. So the border of the LEGO constructions is really the starry sky!

What does LEGO improve? Or what doesn’t?

LEGO makes you creative, develop your observation, organization skill, improve your sense for symmetry. You can build together with friends, organize building competitions or just immerse yourself into the magic of creation. As a contribution, your effectiveness and productivity are just improving. 

However, LEGO is still great, we have to note that today’s series allows less creativity to the players through the specific elements compared with the older series. At the same time, if you are creative enough, you will find the most innovative structures!

5. The Rubik-cube

The Rubik-cube and its siblings (a wide range of other Rubic logical toys) are the children of the second half of the XX. century. The aim is to find the original state of the cube (every side has its own color) after mixing the colors of the cube. It seems to be easy-peasy, however… Let’s taste it!

The cube improves the speed of your thinking, your spatial vision, moreover, your constructing skill and reduces stress. As a long-term benefit, your productivity is going to rise up. Don’t be satisfied with the 3*3 cube! Let’s try the 2*2 cube, the triangle, and the numberless other Rubic logical toys!

It is August! The summertime is approaching its end. To make autumn funny, effective, successful, moreover, to achieve better productivity, let’s play without (age)limit!

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