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Most people struggle to get up in the morning and get their day started. It is very important to have a good consistent morning routine. It sets the mood for the day and helps you get going. Without a consistent morning routine you’ll end up like a lot of people and procrastinate and in the end be rushing out the door and risk being late to wherever you have to be. It’s easy to continuously keep hitting the snooze button but it really isn’t very healthy for you. A consistent morning routine will eventually become a habit and it will be easier for you to get up and get your day started.

A well planned out morning routine that will help your whole day be more productive. Here is what you should consider when putting a morning routine together:

  • Don’t Let Looking at Your Phone be the First Thing You Do: This is a bad habit for most people. We are so reliant on our phones that we find ourselves helpless without them. We feel like we need to have them in our hands at all times. This is a bad habit that really must be eliminated in order to properly get our day going. Don’t let reaching for your phone be the first thing on your mind in the morning. Get up, make your bed, shower, make sure you’re ready to get your day going before looking at your phone. This will make a huge impact on your day.
  • Stop Snoozing: Snoozing is a perfect example of procrastination. it isn’t a good idea to begin your day this way. So set just one alarm and make sure you get up without having to snooze. This is a habit that in time will become second nature. Try putting your alarm clock out of reach, this way you dont have the chance to hit the snooze button.
  • Make Sure to Exercise: Exercising first thing in the morning is hard for a lot of people. Exercising first thing in the morning is very beneficial . Jumping right into any type of exercise when you wake up wakes your body right up. You get the blood flowing and shake the sleep off your brain. It also is great to do exercise early because then you knock an important thing off your schedule, again starting your day with a sense of accomplishment. So give it a try for a few weeks and see if it doesn’t feel pretty amazing.
  • Shower and Get Dressed as Early as Can: It’s really important that one of the first things you do once you get up if you aren’t planning on exercising is making sure you shower. Of Course you need to get dressed after but that’s a given. Just make sure you’re ready to go as early as possible.. For many people who now work from home, it’s very easy and convenient to stay in your comfortable clothes all day. Gettin up showered and dressed will help you start your day with a sense of accomplishment and that mood could continue throughout the day.
  • Eat Breakfast: They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That doesn’t mean you have to have a big It doesn’t have to be a sit down breakfast, Just something small will do. The healthier the better.
  • Prepare the Night Before: Preparing the night before for the following day will put you ahead of the game. It is such a relief to get up in the morning and know that you are more than ready to get the day started. Always try to be ahead of the game.
  • Take Your Vitamins and Medication: Never forget to take your vitamins, medication and supplements. If you currently aren’t taking daily vitamins, make sure you check to see what the best vitamin subscription that best suits your needs is. This will help keep you healthy and feeling better.

Changing habits is not always the easiest thing to do for a lot of us. Be aware that the first hour of your day could potentially have a huge impact on how the rest of your day will go. You don’t have to try to create a productive morning routine in one morning. Take it step by step. Try a couple things first and work your way up from there. It’s not going to happen overnight. Your mornings don’t have to be an inconvenience. Wake up with a smile knowing that you’re going to have your best day possible. With a good morning routine you will. Try these steps and you’ll be loving your mornings in no time and wishing you had done it sooner.

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