How to Find the Best Dubia Roaches for Your Pet Chameleon

Dubia Roaches

Many people like to buy exotic pets like lizards and chameleons. But very few of them are knowledgeable on what to feed them. One of the best foods for your pet reptiles is Dubia Roaches. This species of cockroach are packed with nutrients that a chameleon would need.

Therefore, you must search for the best Topflight dubia roaches for sale and get the best insects possible for your chameleon. In this article, you’ll learn where you can find them.

What are Dubia Roaches?

Dubia Roaches are a variety of medium-sized cockroaches that are native to Central and South America. They are also known as Guyana Spotted roaches or Orange Spotted roaches because of the orange patches they have on their back. That’s how you can identify and distinguish them from regular cockroaches.

The males are bulkier and can be 4.5 cm in length. Females tend to be below 4 cm in length. Besides the size, only a trained eye can figure out the differences that exist between the sexes. But regular feeders can care less about the sexes since they offer the same nutrition, more or less.

One reason why Dubia Roaches are popular is that they’re nutritious. They got everything that a chameleon would need growing up. Although cockroaches too offer a considerable amount of nutrients, Dubia Roaches are far better. That’s because they do not smell. You do not have to worry about that stinky smell when Dubia roaches are around.

Dubia Roaches are so popular among Chameleon pet owners because they’re easy to store. They cannot fly, neither do they climb vertical surfaces. So you can keep them inside a box and feed the chameleons whenever you need to.

Their calmness and stability also make them better than crickets, who tend to jump and fuss around.

Dubia Roaches Breeding

Many chameleon owners choose to breed the Dubia Roaches as a source of food for their pets. This offers significant advantages. You can control the food supply of the roaches and regulate their nutritional value. Roaches eat a variety of foods like oats, cereals, vegetables, fruits, etc. By providing them with the best quality of food, you prepare the equivalent quality of food for your chameleon too.

You can breed Dubia Roaches in a room or inside of a container that has adequate exposure to sunlight and fresh air. But artificial lighting can be used as well. Supply an ample amount of food and clean the container from time to time.

But breeding requires a significant time investment. So be well prepared for it before you think of breeding Dubia roaches.

Buying Dubia Roaches Online

The best and easiest way to get high-quality Dubia Roaches is to order online. Many professional growers breed the roaches on a large scale to sell online. You can order them for cheap and ensure a similar level of nutritional content.

Most online orders are shipped via FedEx or similar services. Since the Dubia roaches live in darkness for long, you can rest assured that you’ll receive them alive.

Once you unpack the Dubia roaches, you can store them in large opaque containers. Just make sure to feed them with food and water from time to time, so they stay alive. Whenever your chameleon demands a few snacks, you can grab a couple of Dubia roaches and hand them over to him.

When ordering online, you must also ensure that you’re buying from a trusted supplier. You can find varieties like Topflight Dubia Roaches for sale in multiple sizes. ¼-inch, ⅜-inch sized roaches are popular among pet owners.

But you’ll also find smaller Dubia Roaches that are 3/16-inches in size. Choose the one that you think will fit your chameleon’s diet.

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