How to Find Clothing Companies using Sustainable Practices

Clothing Companies

Sustainably made and distributed clothing is better for the environment and also for local and global economies. Sustainably made clothing is often produced with less water, less energy, and less waste than fast fashion items. Sometimes, however, it can be difficult to find clothing companies that use sustainable practices. Here are a few tips that will help you to find sustainable clothing companies quickly and easily so that you can get to shopping right away:

Tip No 1: Follow Sustainability Hashtags on Social Media Platforms

On various social media platforms, there are hashtags and influencers that directly focus on eco-fashion and sustainable fashion. It is a good idea to follow these influencers and hashtags in order to find new sustainable brands that are also well reviewed by customers. You can save albums or lists with your favorite sustainable fashion posts to check out later when you are feeling inspired.

Tip No 2: Attend Sustainable Fashion Shows, Events, and Conferences

If you live in a major city, then you may be lucky enough to have sustainable fashion focused events close to you from time to time. Browse local event listings and whenever possible, get tickets to events focused on sustainable clothing brands, the outdoors, eco-friendly living, or other related topics. At these types of events, it is likely that you will discover a new favorite sustainable clothing or two, at least. You also may be able to network with people who have similar interests or shop with sustainable clothing vendors on site.

Tip No 3: Subscribe to Sustainable Fashion Newsletters and E-mail Lists

Paper newsletters can be wasteful. Fortunately, online newsletters and email lists have come to replace paper mailers for the most part. By subscribing to a variety of different sustainability related email lists and newsletters, you can keep up with all of the latest sustainable fashion news quickly and easily. Make sure to subscribe only to reputable newsletters and email lists and fact check sustainability claims when possible.

Tip No 4: Research and Ask Questions as Needed

If you are trying to find clothing companies that use sustainable practices, then you need to be prepared to do more research and ask more questions than you would when shopping for fast fashion items. Call or email companies, check reviews, and read through websites and social media posts thoroughly in order to ensure that any sustainability claims that have been made are accurate and appropriate. If you start to do research and ask questions and some red flags arise, then you may want to shop with a different brand instead.

Tip No 5: Ask Friends and Family Members Also Interested in Sustainability

If you have friends, family members, coworkers, or other people close to you who are interested in sustainability, then you may wish to seek out their opinions when looking for sustainable clothing companies. They may be able to recommend their own favorite brands to you or provide positive and negative input about brands that they have shopped with in the past.

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