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How To Express Your Style Through Your Rug Choice


It’s time to revamp the home with a new rug. Often neglected in furniture marketing, the rug has an essential role in maintaining and shaping your interior decor. One can purchase stylish rugs for all spaces: living room, bedroom, hallways, or bathrooms. The right rug can improve and complement your space while amplifying your style. You can learn about various types of carpets that you can consider for your home, on this website: http://www.fairy-clean-out.com

Proximity to the Wall

When buying a rug, consider whether you would like your rug near a wall. A rug can help direct your eye toward something else or be an obstacle that makes things feel cluttered. Even the widest rugs can be used near a wall in formal living rooms, with floor-to-wall rugs being the most popular choice.

Contrast with Furniture

Choose two contrasting colors for your new rug, a bright color against a darker one or one print against another. Use two different shades of the same color for the best results. For example, a red rug on one Wall and an orange carpet on the other can result in an explosion of color.

Contrast and Pattern

A contrasting color or pattern provides a strong visual anchor for your room. A random-pattern rug will create the impression of movement, while a patterned rug will draw your eye in different directions and be less easy to ignore.

Negative Space Filler

Rugs are typically placed over hard surfaces, such as tile or hardwood floors, so decorators take full advantage of available space by placing rugs against walls, under tables, and next to couches for maximum visual impact.

Use Your Existing Furniture

Large furniture pieces like sofas and chairs can be used as design accents. Establish a focal point by placing a rug with a large flower or patterned border in front of sofas and armchairs for added drama, or use smaller rugs as accent pieces to tie your entire room together.

Coordinate with Fabric

A rug is an opportunity to add color, pattern, scale, and texture to the rest of the room’s decor—upholstery and drapery fabrics included. Rugs can also be made with fabric designs that complement those found in your sofa or curtains by using the same color palette or print elements that work well together.

Use Creative Color Combinations

Many types of rugs have been designed to go with different colors. For instance, a dark green rug looks excellent with a grey-blue color scheme, while a red rug plays well with browns, oranges, and other warm colors. Neon rugs add beauty to any space.

Use Sizes Right for the Space

Ensure your rug fits in its space by measuring the length and width of the room and then choosing a size that goes well with your sofa or other furniture pieces in the room.

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Think about the area of your home and how much traffic it will get. Also, keep in mind the type of flooring underneath your rug. Natural fibers like wool and jute work best on hard floors, while woven rugs are more suited to plush, soft flooring.

Rugs are versatile and can be used to express many personal styles. By choosing a rug that complements your chosen focal point, you can maximize the impact of your interior design.

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