How to Develop a Plan for the Implementation of the PKI?

Implementation of the PKI
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It has taken some time to be clear of what is PKI, but now when we know about PKI and have some idea about it, I am sure you must be looking for someone who would help you implement this in your organization, but why to worry, if you know all yourself. The PKI rule follows an 80/20 rule which means 80% of the things are planned and only 20% is implemented.

This concept can not be modified in a better way because it has been seen so. But it’s most often applied to those PKI specific, cryptography-related decision points such as namespaces, key lengths, signature hash algorithms, and so forth.

It naturally seems very difficult if one fails to make the correct changes in it. But the implementation of this is very important for medium and large organizations. Here, I will discuss and help you to grow an idea about how to develop a plan for the PKI implementation in your organization.

Implementation of the PKI

The two most important organizations in the case of PKI are Problem management and Change management. But it is very unlucky that they need to be included in the decision making design and the technical design. The PKI implementation has to be discussed with all.

Change in Management that is Required

When you want to discuss the PKI certificate with the change management group then you must make certain points clear. The management group must focus on,

  1. There are some changes required for the implementation of the PKI and you need to talk about that.
  2. You need to stand by yourself and discuss and define all the definitions of the Management changes required.
  3. A steady-state can change the risks associated with the implementation of the PKI and you need to look for it.

Some more responsibilities will depend on you and they are the following,

  • About the publication of the CA certificates and the root certificates, it also helps in the deployment of the certificates.
  • It would also have to discuss about the implementation of the PKI rules and actions
  • The root CRL CA publication and anything related to it or the changes that are to be made in it is important to be known and understood and find a solution.
  • It also allows the appropriate parties to be notified and tracked accordingly.
  • It also allows an enterprise to set some rules of their own, and make the new set of rules to be implemented.
  • Revocation of the rules can be done by this team of management
  • If there are any changes to the PKI’s model then or in the control access then that could be noted.

Problem Management

The problem management team actually looks for the people who are involved in the making of the problem and as a result of which many are actually facing the problem which they were not supposed to face according to the plan. The reason for having the problem management team in the PKI overview meeting is to make them realize that they are part of the organization.

The PKI teams should make a team effort to make this happen, only if the team puts in 100% of the effort then only 20% of the idea will be implemented.


Drawing a line is not possible when you wish to make a change in the organization with respect to PKI, you will feel like implementing everything possible. But that is not possible, you need to prioritize the kind of changes you want to put and the once which you can do away with.

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