How to Design a Creative Contact Us Page for Your Website?

contact Us Page

How many times have you come across a website that is excellently built and well maintained with colorful schemes and attractive designs? How many of those websites have had a ‘contact us’ page that matches the efforts of the rest of the site? You may have realized that contact us pages are often denied their fair share of attention when building a website. Usually, all the focus goes into homepages, etc. 

Does that mean that ‘contact us’ pages are really not important? Research has proven that contact us pages are where most of the traffic of a website goes. These pages receive the most amount of views. After all, this is where a visitor can directly come into contact with the information that he/she desires. Thus, the contact us page is an aspect of your website that you must not overlook. When you hire a web designer in New York, make sure to look at their prior experience of designing contact us pages.

So how can you avoid making such a mistake and design a creative ‘contact us’ page for your website?

Avoid Unnecessary Information

The only reason why a visitor comes to the ‘contact us’ page is to find information regarding communicating with your service. If there is any other information present on that page, it is useless and does not belong there. 

Offer Multiple Means of Contact

There is nothing that would make a visitor feel more comfortable about contacting the authorities of your company if they can do that at their own platform. Provide all the important means with which they can get in touch with you – let it be phone, text, Facebook, or WhatsApp. Links to the company’s active social media accounts should also be present so that the viewer can find out more about the company before reaching out to them.

Make Easy to Fill Forms

The visitor will most certainly be irritated if the form that he has to fill in order to contact you is long and clunky. The frustration may even lead to them giving up on it. Keep the forms to the point and only ask for information that is absolutely required to build the client profile and is necessary for the company. This will also make the visitor feel comfortable about the authorities they are coming into contact with.

You can also inform the user how much time it will take for them to get a reply back to put them at ease and set their expectations accordingly.

Customize your Page to Suit Every User

Not every visitor who is filling a ‘contact us’ form will have the same set of expectations. They will all require to be dealt with differently according to their motive and background. In order to incorporate their reason for contacting you, make sure that your web page consists of conditional logics that only displays the relevant questions to the users. This will increase the page’s efficiency and also put the users at ease.

Simplicity is the Key

Do not fall into the trap of wanting to make everything look exquisite and over the top. ‘Contact us’ pages are meant to be simple, short, and to the point so that the visitors can quickly come into contact with your staff. 

Make the Page Easy to Find

Not only should the page be simple, but it should also be easy to find. A good practice is to include a link to the ‘contact us’ page at the top and bottom of every page so that the visitors can get to it from wherever they are on your website.

Ask for a Feedback

The best way to make amends to your contact page is to ask the viewers themselves how they feel about it. You can include a ‘how do you feel about …….’ section on the page so that the users can express themselves about contacting you. This will also help you keep a record of what makes the users frustrated and what makes them feel helped and supported. 

Be Creative!

The ultimate goal of a ‘contact us’ page is to motivate the viewer to contact you. You can be creative in incorporating ideas that would define what your business is about to help the user get a clear picture of what he is dealing with. Express your brand’s logo and message with unique colors that are both eye-pleasing and inciting.

By creating a good ‘Contact us’ page, you ensure that the maximum amount of traffic on your website gets converted into customers. This will help to improve the performance of the SEO agency you have hired as well. 

Heather Breese
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