How To Create The Perfect Massage Intake Forms

Massage Intake Forms

For years, it has been a common practice for massage therapists to create intake forms. These are forms that are used by therapists to help them know what the client needs and how they want them to receive the treatment. This is a great way for massage therapists to create better sessions for their clients.

However, it can be tedious and time-consuming for the therapist. It takes ages for them to make these forms because they have to make sure that their information is easy for clients to use. This guide will teach you how to create intake forms that will be easy for your clients to read and will give them an amazing experience with your services.

What is a massage intake form?

Massage intake forms are documents that massage therapists create to help them know what the client needs, how they want their treatment to be, and any other information that they need to know. The therapist creates this document before their session and then shares it with their clients so that they have an idea of what will happen during their session. These forms are used by many massage therapists and can be created in a variety of ways; however, some of the most popular types are on paper and digital.

How to create a perfect massage intake form

It can be difficult for therapists to create an intake form that is both comprehensive and easy for clients. They may not use the best words or phrases because they don’t know what their clients would prefer. To simplify this process, you should start by creating a list of all the information your client will need in order to receive the treatment. This includes where they’re going on vacation, what kind of food they like, etc.

Next, you’ll want to create a list of all your services and write down which ones your therapist offers (examples: Swedish massage, deep tissue massage). You’ll also want to write down any additional requirements that your client might need from you in order to receive the best treatment possible. These could include what kind of body products they use, whether or not they want music playing during their session, and more.

You’ll then want to use this information as a guide when creating your intake forms for clients to fill out before coming into the office for their appointment.

How can you make your forms easy to read?

One of the most important aspects of an intake form is being able to make it easy for your clients to read. When your client has trouble understanding what you are asking, they will have a difficult time coming back again for more sessions.

To make your forms easier to read, you should use bullet points and short paragraphs. This makes it easier for your clients to understand what you are asking them and allows them to focus on the questions that you want to be answered. In addition, keep your forms clean and uncluttered with simple fonts and graphics. You want potential clients to be able to focus on the content without getting distracted by other things in the form.

How will your forms make your clients feel?

The reason it is important for your forms to be easy to read is that they will allow your clients to know what they need before their first session. This will make them feel more comfortable so that they can relax more during their first session.

In addition, if your forms are easily navigable, you will reduce the amount of time that it takes for clients to fill out and submit the form. When you’re working on creating these forms, imagine how your clients will feel if they have a great experience with your services. Think about how much trust they will have in you and how much more relaxed they’ll be. Then they won’t spend as much time worrying about what is going to happen when their first session begins.


You may have a great massage business, but you need to make sure that every client is getting the best treatment possible. The only way to do this is by creating the perfect massage intake forms. Creating a great client experience starts with making your intake forms as easy to read as possible. Add an image or two and make sure your forms are easy to follow with color-coded sections and clear writing.

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