How to Choose the Right Sweatshirt for You

There are a lot of people that wear sweatshirts to the gym to keep their bodies warm during workout sessions. Some people wear sweatshirts inside air-conditioned rooms. Other people wear sweaters for no other reason but because they look good. The popularity of sweatshirts is ever-increasing that their use is not only limited to chilly weather alone. Sweatshirts, especially with branding, give their wearers swagger.

Sweatshirts come in a lot of styles and designs. When you are planning to buy men’s sweatshirts, consider these factors to help you choose the right one for you.

Sweatshirt Size

How good you look will greatly depend on the sweatshirt size that you choose. When you are planning to buy men’s sweatshirts, treat your measurements the same way that you would when you are purchasing a dress shirt. There are three main measurements that you should consider.

  • Chest Width.Sweatshirt chest sizes are measured from one underarm to the other underarm. When considering the chest size, make sure that your sweatshirt will hug your body but will not restrict your movements. If you want to look preppy, your sweater should look somewhat snug but still be comfortable.
  • Sweatshirt length is measured from the base of the back collar to the sweatshirt’s waistband. Your overall sweatshirt length should at least touch the widest portion of your hips. Anything shorter than this length may cause your underwear to be exposed when you put both hands straight up.
  • The sleeve of your sweatshirt is measured from the innermost portion of your shoulder blade until it reaches the cuff. Make sure that the length of your sweatshirt sleeve will reach your wrist bone.

Some men prefer to purchase a sweatshirt that is one size larger, especially if they wear it on top of regular t-shirts. Oversized sweaters are often frowned upon when worn by men but may work for a well-thought-of attire. Oversized sweatshirts for men may look good when matched with skinny denim jeans. However, avoid wearing oversized sweatshirts or hoodies with loose pants since this combination will make you appear dishevelled.

Pullover or Zip-UP

Sweatshirts may also come in a pullover or a zip-up. Pullovers are the traditional style of sweaters. Pullover sweatshirts will keep your body warm even if you are not wearing anything underneath. Juice Wrld merch Shop sweatshirts will keep your body warm even if you are not wearing anything underneath.

Pullovers are also more durable since they do not have zippers that may get damaged with repeated use or washing. On the other hand, sweatshirts that you can zip up may allow you to control the warmth. You can zip down to cool your body down once the temperature gets too warm for you.

Hooded or Plain

When you are planning to buy men’s sweatshirts, you can also choose between a hooded sweatshirt or a plain one. Hoodies offer you added warmth for your head.

Sweatshirt Fabric

Sweatshirts are made out of almost all kinds of fabric and fabric blends. The classic sweatshirts are made up of 100% heavy cotton. The advancement of fabric technology has produced high-performance fabric blends that can keep you warm and dry, even if you use your sweatshirts during your workout sessions.

Sweatshirt Designs

Although the classic sweatshirt comes in plain designs, a lot of sweatshirts and hoodies coming out today have branding and bold designs printed on them. Sweatshirts may depict fashion brands, sports teams, or slogans for a cause. It is best to choose a sweatshirt design that you are confident that you can carry.

You can follow the above guidelines whenever you plan to buy men’s sweatshirts so that you will make the right choice for you.

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