How to Choose the Right Shelter Cat

Shelter Cat

The decision to get a new pet can be exciting and overwhelming. Sure adding a new feline is always a nice feeling, especially for the first-timers who are embracing the idea of a new friend. However, the happy feeling can end with the wrong choice. You can learn about the common mistakes to avoid if you want to keep your pet healthy, on this website:

This article provides a guide to help choose the right cat for the right home. Consider the following tips:

Decide On a Kitten or a Cat

There are advantages and disadvantages of choosing either of the two. Kittens are challenging to resist because they are full of energy, playful, and cute. However, they need some patience with training and more supervision. The house must also be kitten-proof to ensure they don’t leave while exploring everything. 

Unfortunately, there are no assurance kitten’s future characters. So, those hoping for cats with specific temperaments should consider going for adult cats with established characters.  Also, adult cats would be more settled. Even better, one can find out from their previous owners their characters, food habits to enhance their faster settling. 

Factor In the Cat Personalities

Like humans, cats have different personalities. Some love to be handled, and others may shy away from but only interact when they choose. Also, some are playful, while others spend their entire time sleeping. So for adequate cat treats, ask to find out and only take that with idea personalities.

Consider the Family Condition

There are different families, chaotic, busy, calm, or relaxed. Also, some families have kids while others don’t; others live alone.  So, factor in the family’s condition when adopting a chat for shelter. 

For families with kids, cats can be a great companion. However, kittens would not be ideal as they can easily be injured and need plenty of care which children may not provide. Bear in mind the cat’s previous experience and relationship so that it doesn’t end up causing pain to the family. Also, those living alone should consider adopting two cats to help keep each other company.

Be Mindful Of the Pets At Home

If there are currently some furry friends at home, it would be wise to try and bring other pets with complementary personalities.  In case there’s a dog, in that case, choose the best cat treats that would over adequate protection to the cat. 

Walk Through and Check All the Cat before Settling On One

Some cats can be very luring, and most people would fall in them with particular cats from the first interaction. However, take time a conduct a general walk. During this time, try to engage the shelter personnel and find out what they say about every cat. 

A discussion with shelter specialists would help individuals narrow down the search to find cats they would love to spend more time with. In other words, stopping at the first stage would mean missing the best feline cat at the last step. 

Choosing a shelter cat is one hell of a task that demands several considerations. Just ensure to take time, walk through their shelter, talk with the specialist around, and the family’s condition should help guide the preferable personalities. Learn more about the habits and food routine of cats and kittens, on this website:  

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