How To Choose Stylish Sneakers

Stylish Sneakers

Sneakers are more than just athletic footwear. Today, they are a versatile, stylish choice that can make your wardrobe that much more appealing. Sneakers are now accepted more than ever before, and the idea of wearing one to date or the office is not as questionable as it might have been some years ago. You can learn about the footwear that you should try this year, on this website:

But that versatility creates problems. With so many sneakers out there, it can be difficult to know which sneaker works best for you. Rather than recommending a particular set of sneakers, which changes by the season, here are some tips for how to decide what the right sneaker is for you.

The Right Type for You

Finding the right sneaker is challenging in part because there are many different types of sneakers. High-top, chunky, casual, retro are just a few categories. How is one to tell the difference and pick the right type?

Much of that depends on your own personal preferences, and what you need out of your sneakers. Are they wholly for fashion, or will you use them to exercise some? Then sports sneakers and trainers are your best bet. If they are totally for fashion, then consider chunky or even platform sneakers, especially in these winter months. High-tops by contrast are better suited for summer.


You can find sneakers at the local mall for $50 or less, but you also know how some people can spend thousands of dollars on one pair. How much should you be willing to pay for higher quality? For those looking to save money on various purchases, including footwear, you can explore additional information and strategies at

There is no firm answer especially as it depends on how much you can spend, though I personally think that the $200-300 range is good enough for most people. Do note that a more expensive shoe might be cheaper over the long term. Better materials means that it can hold up and remain stylish better, meaning that you will not need to replace your sneakers every so often.

The Right Color

Sneakers can come in many styles and colors, from white to gray to even more elaborate colors.

The right color depends on what you want. White sneakers are simple classics which can never go wrong. If you want to stand out, consider black or dark blue. If you want to stand out but not too much, gray is a good compromise.

Basic colors will generally work the best. But above all else, think about how the sneakers will match with the rest of your wardrobe.

Where to Buy

You may have heard stories of young men camping outside of sneaker stores in anticipation of a new release. Some of that is for fashion. But some of that is because the sneaker reselling business is a major market of its own.

This means that you do not have to go directly to Nike or Adidas to get the right shoe. Local shoe stores like Hype 24/7, or online resellers that you can find on Facebook or Craigslist can work as well. Make sure to do your research. Instead of settling for the first store which seems alright, check out four or five stores and compare reviews and brands.

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