How To Choose An Appropriate Credit Card For Yourself?

Credit Card

The best way to choose a suitable credit card (CC) is to look at your lifestyle. Consider factors like whether you shop frequently or travel more. Then apply online for a CC that offers benefits tailored to your needs. You can learn about the features of available types of debit and credit cards, on this website:

Here are some factors to consider.

You’re a Shopaholic

If you shop like crazy, you should choose a credit card with suitable benefits. These can include over 50 in-app discount offers at partner merchants besides up to 50% discount at over 3,000 health and wellness outlets.

Another benefit can be a good reward program with the following facilities:

  • 10X reward points on incremental spends exceeding ₹20,000 every month
  • 3X and 6X reward points on in-store and online spends, respectively up to ₹20,000 every month
  • No capping or expiry of rewards
  • Zero reward redemption fees
  • Options to use the rewards instantly to pay for in-store or online purchases using the CC

If the card offers the best forex markup of 1.5% only, you can also save on international shopping.

You Love to Go Out for Movies and Dining

You may frequently plan movie night-outs or eat out at restaurants. In that case, consider picking a card that gives you access to movie ticket offers and dining discounts. For instance, you may get 25% off on movie tickets up to ₹100 once a month. In some cards, you can enjoy a “Buy 1, Get 1” offer on movie tickets up to ₹500 on Paytm twice a month. You can even get up to a 20% discount at more than 1,500 restaurants. By availing these benefits, you can save on watching movies and dining outdoor.

You Like to Pursue New Hobbies

Do you like to explore new hobbies from time to time? When you want to pursue an expensive hobby, a suitable credit card can come to your rescue. Say, you want to try golf. Then choose a credit card that offers 2 complimentary golf rounds every month. This can help you save while pursuing the hobby.

You Love Travelling

If you’re always on the go, a credit card with lots of travel benefits is suitable for you. These benefits can include:

  • 4 complimentary visits to international and domestic airport lounges and spas every quarter for those who fly often
  • Complimentary roadside assistance for those who travel in their cars
  • Fuel surcharge waiver of 1% at any fuel station in India for up to a certain amount per month
  • A large cover for any air accident
  • Large covers for personal accident and the liability of a lost card
  • A large comprehensive travel insurance cover

If you also get ATM withdrawals at 0% interest anywhere in the world, you can save on card-based offline transactions on your trips. See whether you can get the best forex markup with the same card to save more.

Some credit cards are also free for a lifetime. So, you need not pay an annual maintenance fee ever. Look for this benefit as well when you apply for a CC online.

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