How to Balance Your Time While Working and Studying Online

Studying Online

The good thing about being in lockdown is that you have more time to do many things you wouldn’t normally do. You work from home all the time, and you can easily manage your schedule. The problem is, if you pursue more goals, you may realise that you bit off more than you can chew. For instance, if you thought about pursuing an online course while working from home, it can be too much. These tips will help you balance your time while working and studying online.

Know your priorities

Apart from studying and working, you probably have other things to do. Some of them are unnecessary. Playing video games or watching TV series might not be useful. Therefore, you need to know your priorities and act accordingly. If studying and working are already consuming too much of your time, stop doing the other tasks. You can give yourself time later to do the other tasks once you have finished your essential duties.

Always find time to relax

There’s nothing wrong with working hard if you also give yourself time to relax and include it in your schedule. You might feel burnt out if you don’t have enough time to relax. It is also an excellent idea to relax in a freestanding bath. If you’re about to give up, you can go to the bathroom and feel good again.

Talk to the right people

If everything you do is already overwhelming, talk to the right people and seek advice. For instance, if your work is taking too much time, talk to your boss about your concerns. You can request a reduction of your workload and justify the request in explaining the situation. It can be risky, but you have to do it if you want more time for yourself. For your studies, you can talk to your course instructors. Tell them you cannot meet the deadline and request an extension.

Something needs to go

After following these tips, it is still possible for you to have a difficult time. At that point, you need to determine which one needs to go. You can continue trying to balance everything, but you could drop something and see everything fail. You would rather let go of one than see both options fail. If you are the breadwinner, you can’t let go of your job. However, if you want to pursue a career change, your studies come first. If you decide to take this route, deliberate your decision. You don’t want to regret it later. If you can manage everything, do it. This tip is the last resort.

Hopefully, you can learn to balance your time and do everything you want. Apart from excellent time management skills, passion is also a must. If you have it, nothing will stop you. There might be times when you wish to give up, but you remind yourself about what you’re doing. You will then get back on the right track.

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