How Do I Know My Sciatica Pain is Severe Enough to See a Specialist?

How Do I Know My Sciatica Pain is Severe Enough to See a Specialist?
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Lower back pain is very common, but how do you know it is severe enough to meet with a sciatica specialist in Scottsdale?

How Do I Know My Sciatica Pain is Severe Enough to See a Specialist1

It is always a good idea to see a specialist when experiencing any sort of pain, as there could be an underlying issue that is more serious than you think.

Some sciatica pain cases are more severe than others and if the pain continues or even worsens, you will need to meet with a specialist to find out the best treatment options for your sciatica pain.

An evaluation by a pain specialist will give you the proper diagnosis. Some cases of sciatica pain can be treated on its own with the proper time and rest, but other cases are more severe and will need extra attention from a specialist.

During the evaluation, you will undergo muscle tests such as squatting, walking on your heels and toes, raising your leg without bending at the knee and imaging tests.

When you first begin to experience sciatic pain, try to rest, but for not too long of a time as this could cause even more irritation. Rest for a short amount of time and once you start to feel better, get up and walk a short distance. Ice applications and physical therapy can also help relieve any lower back pain.

There are times when you will need more advanced treatment options, but luckily there are options out there that are not considered surgery.

With an array of pain-relieving technologies and lower back pain treatment options, you will successfully find a treatment option tailored to you.

Innovative computer-guided multi-laser therapy technologies is a very efficient treatment that will effectively reduce chronic pain while also promoting fast tissue and nerve healing.

Using laser therapy takes out the dangers of injections, undergoing invasive surgeries or needing medications–which can be addicting.

Surgery comes with a lot of risks, but laser therapy is far more safe, providing long-term relief.

It can be tricky to manage pain, but with the help of a skilled specialist who offers the treatment without invasive surgeries, you can be on the road to recovery.

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