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How Do I Get Rid Of Furniture If I Live in a Condo


Having old furniture that you no longer need creates clutter inside your house. When living in a condo, furniture removal shouldn’t stress you anymore. There are tons of options to use when trying to get rid of any bulky item.

The disadvantage of furniture removal when living in a condo is the item failing to fit in the dumpster. This poses a challenge as some furniture removal companies may even fail to pick up loose pieces. Your waste management company may also impose a fine on you for trying to dispose of a large item.

Nonetheless, you still have alternative ways to use for the disposal, including donation and selling the item. Of course, this depends on whether or not it’s in mint condition. You can equally choose to use drop-off locations, based on the city you live in. Here’s how to go about the furniture removal:

Schedule a Curbside Furniture Removal

For most cities, the local government carries out the curbside pickups. They mostly do this for bulky items like furniture, which fail to fit inside the dumpsters. You’ll need to contact your relevant local authority and liaise with them to haul away your item. After doing this, you can place the furniture in front of your condo or apartment.

Most curbside pickups are free. However, there’s a downside to relying on them. Some cities only organize pickups as little as once a year, which may be inconvenient.

Take it To a Drop-off Location

In case the city you live in doesn’t offer furniture removal services, then you have the option to use drop-off locations. Most towns and cities have landfills and dumpsites that accept bulky items such as furniture.

In addition, some charitable organizations and thrift stores have drop-off locations for furniture and other items. However, you’ll still need to organize the transportation for the piece of furniture.

Taking furniture to a drop-off location can be the most feasible furniture removal method when you reside in a rural area. So, how even do you find a drop-off location? You can do this easily online.

Contact a Furniture Removal Company

If the city you live in doesn’t offer furniture removal services, you can opt to call in a private company. Several companies specialize in furniture removal. Nonetheless, you’ll need to find one that matches your budget and needs. You can also check their disposal techniques to make sure that they don’t hurt the environment.

When planning a furniture removal exercise, it’s highly advisable to contact a company specializing in bulky junk. You’ll need to schedule a furniture removal with the company, and set a time that suits you. Some companies even come and pick the furniture when you’re not at home. Just make sure that you leave it where they can access easily on arrival.

Consider Taking the Furniture to a Used Household Goods Store

Just because you have no use for a piece of furniture doesn’t mean that someone else won’t see the need for it. Many stores selling used household goods such as clothes and electronics will accept furniture. The catch here, however, is that you’ll need to take it there yourself.

The staff in the used household goods store will inspect the piece of furniture first. Therefore, you need to make sure that it’s still in a good condition to resell. You don’t want a situation where they tell you to take your furniture back home for not meeting set standards.

Ask Vendors for Furniture Removal Help

Some furniture vendors will be willing to pick up your property for free. Just communicate with them prior to the pickup and tell them the details. Also, mention the dates when they should pass by and collect the piece of furniture.

Post it Online

You are at liberty to sell your furniture to make money. If anything, this is the best way to get rid of furniture that’s still in great condition. There are several buyers ready to pick up your furniture once you post it on any online site like Craigslist.

When filling in the details of the furniture, make sure that you upload current and not former pictures of it. Be accurate and honest, so that it doesn’t become an issue when the buyer comes to pick it up.

Give it to a Friend or Family Member

Charity, they say, begins at home. Giving your piece of furniture to a friend or family member is a great way to get rid of it. Besides, it’s the most preferred option if you have sentimental attachment with the item. You’ll be at peace knowing that something you once valued is helping someone closer to you, rather than a stranger.

Final Thoughts

In summary, all the above methods can work well for a person looking to get rid of furniture in a condo. Be sure to contact the right furniture removal company for assistance when you’re stuck with heavy furniture.

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