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How do chemical cleaning products affect your health?

Using cleaning products is necessary if you want to keep your house clean and get rid of malignant germs. However, a poor choice of cleaners can really have a negative impact on your health. Even if you don’t experience any side effects now, they may appear in the future. Check what harmful chemicals are included in cleaning products, what is their role and how can they influence your life.

Chemicals in cleaning products

Cleaning detergents that you can find is stores contain tens of different chemicals which make cleaning easy. Although may of them offer powerful action, we should never forget what the consequences may be in the future. When you use detergents, these chemicals in cleaning products come into direct contact with your body, penetrate tissues to affect your health. The most common dangers of chemicals in cleaning products include: skin and eyes irritation, sneezing, runny nose, allergies.

List of toxic chemicals in cleaning products

The list of toxic chemicals that we can find in popular store-bough cleaning detergents is really huge, and it is not possible to list each and every harmful substance that they can contain. Learn what the most common chemicals found in detergents are and what the potential risks are connected with using them.

Popular chemicals in household cleaning products:

  • Ammonia – This is a common ingredient of bleach and laundry detergents. It exhausts toxic fumes what can irritate or even damage your skin. When inhaled, it can lead to problems with the respiratory tract.
  • Chlorine – This is one of the most harmful chemicals in cleaning products. It is toxic to fish in the entire ecosystems. As it is released in the air, it can easily get into your respiratory tract.
  • Formaldehyde – It is one of these chemicals in cleaning products that affect the entire environment. When it comes to people, formaldehyde can cause respiratory problems, skin allergies or even cancer.
  • Phosphates – They are used in a number of different cleaning products such as soap. Their role is to soften water. The excess of phosphates may deplete the oxygen level in water and therefore kill marine life.
  • SLS/SLES – This type of chemical found in detergents boosts foaming and limits grease. When absorbed, it can trigger allergies and lead to rash.

Do you want to learn more about the dangers of the cleaning industry? Read here!

Are there any alternatives?

Now you know what types of chemicals in household cleaning products can be encountered. There are many of them and finding a product which is completely free from toxic ingredients may prove to be a challenge. Fortunately, with a little goodwill, this can be done! The best examples are AspenClean products which are made for mineral and plant-based ingredients. Products of this kind are eco-friendly and don’t harm the natural environment. While using them you can protect not only you and your family, but also plants, animals and oceans.

Why are natural cleaning products better?

If you are wondering whether should you use natural cleaning products, there are many benefits of such cleaners. Firstly, they are safe for all family members, including children and pets. This means that you can apply them on all kinds of surfaces, and you have nothing to worry about, even when e.g. your child licks the floor or touches the sink. What is more, while using them, you won’t experience skin irritation and allergies. You can therefore wash the dishes without suffering from dry hands or clean the shower without sneezing. In addition, you are not exposed to cancerogenic and asthmogenic factors, so you can be sure that these cleaners will not affect your health in the future.

We hope that now you know why natural cleaning products are better. We encourage you to give up chemicals found in detergents and try out the natural ways to clean your house. You can go for 100% natural cleaning detergents or try to make cleaners at home on your own using e.g. baking soda or lemon.

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