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How Changing The Locks Work? Changing Lock Services In Philly


Every person, at least once, in their life has to use a locksmith’s service. Locksmiths have been operating on the locks for many years, but nowadays, their service is more diverse than that. There are several types of locksmiths: commercial, auto, emergency, and residential. They offer a variety of services, such as changing locks, cutting keys, installing security systems, programming car kets, etc. One of the most common reasons people might contact a local locksmith is because their locks need to be changed. Unfortunately, not everyone knows that there is a cheaper alternative, such as rekeying the locks. Before you contact a locksmith, you should know what type of service you require, and to do that, you should at least be able to distinguish the difference between rekeying the locks and changing them.

When you move into a new house, one of the first thing you start to think about is your and your family’s safety. You can never be sure how many keys previous tenants have cut and who they have given spare keys to. Which means that you don’t know who has access to your home and you can’t feel neither safe not comfortable. That’s why it is recommended to change the locks. But most locksmiths agree that in this case, just re-keying them is enough because the old key will stop working and changing the entire lock isn’t necessary.

Homeowners aren’t the only people who use locksmith services. Business owners require commercial locksmith services quite often. If you own a business, you might need to contact a commercial locksmith if there has been a change in staff, and you are sure that one of your previous employees is holding a grudge. To ensure your property’s and employees’ safety, rekeying the locks is a great idea because the previous employee will lose access to the building and won’t be able to enter without your permission.

As for changing the locks, it is pretty clear that it involves removing the old lock hardware and replacing it with the new one. It is a bit more expensive and difficult procedure, but sometimes it is inevitable. For example, if your locks are old and worn out, you might start to notice some problems with it. Repetitive movements of locking and unlocking the door daily will, eventually damage the mechanism, and the key won’t turn as smoothly as it used to. In this case, changing the locks is necessary.

Changing the locks is also a good idea if you ever lose a house key. Since house keys aren’t particularly big, and we use them regularly, they are one of the most commonly misplaced or lost items, and it gets stolen quite often too. You can’t be sure if someone has found the keys and gained access to your house, so you start worrying about your security. If you have an original key re-keying the locks work just fine, but if the original key got lost, then you have to change the whole lock.

Another reason you might consider using lock change service in Philadelphia is the necessity to upgrade the security system and install high-security locks.

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