How Can Poor Vehicle Maintenance Lead to Potential Accidents?

Poor Vehicle Maintenance

We all know that vehicle maintenance is important. But how important is it and which components of your vehicle commonly lead to an accident if not properly maintained?

 – Mirror defects: If a mirror is damaged or in an incorrect position, it leaves the driver with an incomplete view of the road, and subsequently a poor view of other cars or pedestrians.

 – Tyre defects: A flat or damaged tyre can lead to the driver struggling to control the vehicle. Tires that are not properly maintained can be potentially dangerous and you should always avoid driving on flat tires. Deflated tires can cause considerable damage to the wheel of your car and will make it difficult to handle it. Flat tires as well as tires that are overinflated or worn can cause your vehicle to loose the ability to brake as effectively as it should.

 – Brake defects: When the brakes aren’t working properly drivers may react too slowly or ineffectively, which can cause severe accidents. Maintaining and checking the brakes regularly is one of the most importance things to pay attention to.

 – Steering defects: Ideally, you won’t even notice the steering wheel much while you are driving. If steering defect do occur, they can be scary and leave drivers feeling insecure behind the wheel. Steering defects can mean struggling to control the path of the vehicle properly and can be the cause of an accident if not repaired straight away.

 – Light defects: Not only will the driver struggle to see the road in poor or dark conditions, but other road users will also struggle to see the car. Many accidents happen when drivers don’t turn on the lights or drive with poor lighting. Not only could this lead to a crash with another car but it can also be difficult to see animals that are close by or crossing the road. Make sure to repair broken lights immediately and have them inspected regularly.

While avoiding accidents are the most important reason for vehicle maintenance, regular checks can also drive down the costs for repairs significantly. When looking for a place to inspect your car, choose carefully. Many mechanics charge way more than is necessary and prices can widely differ in different regions and areas. It can be worth spending some time on the research. If you have suffered an accident and feel like you are in a position to file a claim, it can be worth finding out how much you could receive before you take the next step. By scheduling regular inspections, you will also have a better idea of what repairs your car may need on a regular basis and feel more confident and safe while driving and going on long trips.

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