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How a Homeowners Association Near Me Inspired Me to Create One in My Neighborhood

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I first learned of homeowners association near me when I was talking to some parents at my boy’s new school. Sadly however it appeared that as great as their set-up sounded, I wouldn’t be able to join because we were living too far away. The more that I spoke to these parents the more I realized how great an idea it was to create a homeowners association and so little by little I began to get in touch with my neighbors to try and put it together.

This has been a slow process but one which has certainly been worthwhile, and this is how that original association inspired me to do the same.


The original conversation which I had with parents who lived nearby was about security and whether or not my new home was in a secure area. At this point they mentioned that they have additional security because of the association, which of course prompted me to ask for more information. Because all of the neighbors are in this group together, they are able to work as one to maintain safety and security in the area. Buying secure doors and windows, or alarm systems makes sense of course, but it is nice to know that you have a neighbor keeping an eye out too.

Tighter Community

I have to a admit that were it not for the homeowners association which I have set up here, there is no doubt about the fact that I would only know a couple of my neighbors instead of all of them. Even some who have lived close to each other for years before my arrival have welcomed this as a great chance to get to know each other. All of this results in a tighter knit community and a happier place to live, a nicer place for the kids and a comfortable community of trust.


Something else that inspired me to put together this type of association was that the original one which I found out about, were excellent at making decisions for the public space around their homes. For example that homeowners association applied to the local government and were granted permission to build a park for the kids. Pooling their resources together they were able to get the kids a great place to play, on ground which was previously used for nothing. This is certainly something which we will be looking to do going forward.

House Value

This wasn’t a motivating factor in my decision but a clear benefit of having this type of association set up was that house values would be protected. The reason for this is both that people like buying in an area which has an active association, and also that because of the increased security and the better care of the community, house prices aren’t as susceptible to falling as they can do in other places.

This is a great idea which I would recommend to any homeowners out there.

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